Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition Expenses and Fees AY21

Academic Year 2020-2021 Fall Spring Total
Tuition (Billed) $28,940 $28,940 $57,880
Room/Board (Billed) $8,315 $8,315 $16,630
Activity Fee (Billed) $218 $218 $436
Books/Supplies $500 $500 $1,000
Personal Expenses $500 $500 $1,000
Travel varies varies varies

*If living on campus.

There will be no reduction in tuition or mandatory fees for 2020–21. This is for two reasons. First, we will continue to deliver the high-quality academic programs and services that our students and their families expect from a Middlebury education. The faculty and staff at Middlebury will continue to devote their resources to delivering excellence in course instruction, student services, and extracurricular activities. Our students will continue to have access to the many services and elements of the Middlebury education and experience. The faculty and administration are deeply committed to enriching in-person, virtual, and hybrid instruction so that students receive the benefits accruing from a rigorous academic experience complemented by a compelling community experience.

Second, the costs of providing a Middlebury-quality educational experience have increased, not diminished, in light of the pandemic. In addition, we are using technology to enhance the Middlebury experience and provide as much individual engagement with students as possible. We expect that our students will continue to experience significant benefits from all that they will learn at Middlebury and the networks that they will establish as Middlebury students.

Students who participate in the spring 2021 semester remotely but full time will be required to pay full-time tuition. They will not be billed for room and board. In addition, students studying remotely will not be charged a student activities fee.

If conditions require the College to move to remote learning for all students, there will be no reduction in tuition. If campus evacuation is necessary, students who leave campus will receive a prorated refund of room and board only.

More detailed information about tuition and other fees, including for students considering remote learning, can be found on the Student Financial Services webpage.

Financial Aid

Middlebury remains committed to our long-term practice of meeting the full demonstrated financial need of all admitted undergraduates. This commitment is expected to cost more for Middlebury in 2020–21 as the economic toll of the pandemic reduces the abilities of some students to finance their Middlebury education, but it is no less central to our mission. Accordingly, Middlebury’s admissions decisions are need-blind for domestic students, including DACA and undocumented students, and we will meet 100 percent of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students in 2020–21.

Students whose ability to fund their education has changed as a result of the pandemic are encouraged to write to the Student Financial Services Office at to communicate changes in their financial situation.

Students who participate in the 2020–21 year fully remotely will not have the cost of room and board calculated into their cost of attendance, and financial aid awards will be reduced accordingly. Students who elect to take a personal leave of absence and have already taken out loans as part of their financial aid award are reminded that most loans require the borrower to begin repayment six months after they were last enrolled. Students with questions about student loan repayment should contact Student Financial Services directly.

Withdrawal Refunds

The spring 2021 semester withdrawal refund policy is available here and follows the general schedule for withdrawal refunds. Students registered for classes who decide to withdraw before the semester starts will receive a full refund.