The Civil Rights & Title IX Office

It can be intimidating to tell your story and share your experiences with an individual that you do not know. I want to communicate to those wishing to tell their story or seek support, that the Civil Rights & Title IX office is a trauma-informed environment which encourages autonomy, embraces intersectional identities, and works to offer a non-judgmental experience.

Regardless of your experience or choices, you will be respected, treated equitably, and provided resources and support based on your needs, values, and identity.

You matter. Your experience matters. You have a right to take up space. Your voice is important. 

Butterfly Blaise Boire

Civil Rights & Title IX Coordinator

As the Civil Rights & Title IX Coordinator, I consider the opportunity to sit with others and get a glimpse into their lives a privilege. My work both on-campus and off-campus has been focused on education, prevention, and the creation of sustainable solutions to the issues of violence that we face as a community. This is challenging work that takes a cross-community approach to dismantle systems and environments that foster and support violence. This is important work and despite any challenges, I am committed to being in this with you every single day.

When I am not here on campus serving in my role as Civil Rights & Title IX Coordinator, I am often surrounded by the people I love - my husband, 8 children, extended family, friends, and our furry family members.

Service Building, Room 213

Thaddeus Watulak

Human Relations Officer

Thaddeus Watulak, Human Relations Officer, assists with the civil rights investigatory and adjudicative functions of Middlebury. Raised in Vermont, Thaddeus attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD and Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, CA. A trained mediator in law school, Thaddeus’s professional career has focused on ensuring that complex processes are carried out with fairness and impartiality. Prior to coming to Middlebury, Thaddeus drafted legislation for Baltimore City and served as the Deputy Ethics Director for Baltimore City, where he oversaw the ethics compliance efforts for the City’s workforce and conducted investigations of violations of the City’s ethics code.

Service Building 215

Leah Salzman

Civil Rights and Title IX Intern

Hi! I am Leah Salzman (she/her) and I am currently a super senior Feb at Midd and pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies. I have been working with the Civil Rights & Title IX office for a couple years and only have a few months left. I am dedicated to the office’s work towards social change and justice on our campus. I am passionate about ensuring strong and available resources, support and training on campus in our efforts for prevention and response. In the past I have gained a lot of perspective from working directly with other students, and I am motivated by members of our community who offer wisdom, experience and thought on how to create a safe and supportive campus environment. I hope to continue to work with others and continue learning and engaging in change.

Elise Morris

Civil Rights & Title IX Intern

Hello! My name is Elise (She/They), I am a queer, white, cisgender student studying neuroscience and spanish here at Midd. I have been interning at the CRTIX office for the past 3 years, and am proud to combine my worlds as a survivor and an activist in my work with the office. I also work part-time for the education and prevention team at the Harborview Assault and Trauma Center in Seattle. Through HATC, I have co-authored and facilitated a national sexual assault prevention curriculum for high school girls sports teams. I bring my passion for violence prevention and advocating for survivor’s rights in all spaces, but commit every day to tangible change at this institution.

William Blastos

Civil Rights & Title IX Intern

Hello! My name is William Blastos (he/him). I’m currently a senior feb at Middlebury and am studying Russian Language and Literature. Since Spring 2021, I have been one of the Civil Rights & Title IX Interns, working on several projects relating to resource access and consent education. I am passionate about sex-positive sex education and consent and the inclusion of queer and POC voices in campus conversations about these topics. I believe that a prevention-centered model to Title IX work is essential and hope to help build an infrastructure of prevention at Middlebury through sex-positive sex and consent education programs like Speak About It, our orientation consent education program. My work this semester is focused primarily on Speak About It in preparation for Spring Orientation and preparing to run focus groups to engage in conversations with Middlebury students about what resources are wanted and needed from the CRTIX Office. The CRTIX office should be both a system of support for students and a hub for prevention work, and I hope to play a part in making this vision a reality on Middlebury’s campus.

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