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Center for Health and Wellness (Students Only)

Free consultation with medical staff and referral to counseling, and advocacy support, with access to a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

Porter Medical Center

Comprehensive medical care, with access to a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, including evidence collection, sexually transmitted infection testing/treatment, and injury triage, as well as all other hospital resources.

Please seek immediate medical care. We encourage you to seek immediate medical attention, even if you’re not sure if you have any physical injuries. Although you may not feel physical pain, you may have internal injuries that cannot be immediately seen or felt. We encourage you to get medical attention whether or not you want to have evidence collected. The medical staffs at the Center for Health and Wellness on the Middlebury campus (students) and Porter Medical Center adjacent to the Middlebury campus (all individuals) can provide care for any physical injuries you may have sustained, can test for sexually transmitted infections and/or pregnancy, and can provide an examination by a trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE).

SANE exam. We encourage you to seek the services of a SANE immediately following an experience of sexual trauma, as certain kinds of evidence collection, including toxicology testing, is time sensitive. A SANE exam is conducted by a professional with special training in working with individuals who may have experienced sexual trauma of all kinds. They can care for injuries, test and provide prophylaxis for sexually transmitted infections and/or pregnancy, and collect forensic evidence (if requested). You do not have to be certain that you have experienced sexual trauma to request a SANE exam or any other kind of medical or emotional care. The SANE can help you discuss options for reporting. You have the right to have someone with you during this exam including an advocate. SANE exams are free of charge.

Considering a SANE exam. Even if you are not sure about reporting your experience to Middlebury, pressing charges with the police, or obtaining a protective order, it makes sense to preserve the option of reporting later by having evidence collected. You can discuss your options directly with the SANE.

In most cases, DNA evidence needs to be collected within 72 hours in order to be analyzed by a crime lab—but a sexual assault forensic exam can reveal other forms of evidence beyond this time frame that can be useful if you decide to report. Place your belongings, including the clothes you were wearing, in a paper bag to safely preserve evidence. If you have questions about the timeframe, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE (4673) or contact WomenSafe at 800-388-4205. Source: What Is a Rape Kit?

Arranging to meet with a SANE. Students who need to meet with a SANE while the Center for Health and Wellness is open should call the Health Center at 802-443-5135, and the staff will arrange for a SANE as soon as possible. If a student needs to meet with a SANE after hours, the SANE is generally on call and may be able to provide care at the Center for Health and Wellness. Please contact Public Safety at 802-443-5911 and request a SANE assessment. You do not need to provide your full name. You can simply give a first name and a phone number so that the SANE can call you back and arrange care.

If for some reason a campus SANE is unavailable, students will be directed to Porter Hospital which also has nurses trained and certified as SANEs. It is recommended that you call the Porter emergency room in advance and ask for them to arrange to have a SANE available (802-388-4736). Middlebury’s Public Safety staff can transport you to Porter and will not require you to disclose the reason you are seeking care.

SANE services are available to Middlebury employees at Porter Hospital. Employees should contact Porter in advance to ask for them to arrange to have a SANE available (802-388-4736).

Before a medical exam, try to preserve the evidence. Resist the urge to cleanse yourself before you seek treatment. It may be difficult to keep from washing yourself, but if you do you may destroy evidence that could be useful should you decide to report the experience. Do not wash, change clothes, eat, drink, smoke, brush your teeth, go to the bathroom, or brush your hair. Bring a change of clothing with you to the exam, since your clothes may be collected as evidence.

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