Assessment at Middlebury

Assessment is a critical step in institutional improvement.  At Middlebury, we have  ongoing assessment projects in the areas of student learning and the working and learning environment on campus. Ongoing initiatives include:

  • Assessment Committee: Recognizing that there is increasing interest across the campus in identifying and assessing broad learning goals, and recognizing furthermore that faculty input into those assessment plans and decisions is critical, the Educational Affairs Committee has created an ad hoc Committee on Assessment.  The ad hoc committee will be charged with advising the Vice President for Planning and Assessment, Susan Baldridge, on institutional priorities for and approaches to assessment.  The committee is appointed for the 2013-2014 academic year, and will report back to the EAC at least once per semester.
  • Learning Goals for Majors: Undergraduate departments and programs have established learning goals for all majors at Middlebury.
  • New England Consortium on Student Learning (NECASL): Middlebury is a participant in this Teagle-funded study assessing how students learn and make decisions regarding their academic programs.