Instructions for logging into Oracle Finance 

Knowledge Base

GMHEC is maintaining several Knowledge Bases. These Knowledge Bases are an online collection of resources and documentation, something like an online handbook.  Links to these resources (and what you will find there) are listed below.

You may also connect directly to the Knowledge Base from Oracle.  Look for the green question mark on the Oracle Apps screen.

Finance Knowledge Base

  • Expense Reporting
    • Delegating Expense Reports
    • Splitting Expenses
    • Expenses Deposit Account
    • P-Card
    • Changing approval settings when you’re away
  • Invoice Processing
    • Matched invoices
    • Unmatched Invoices
    • Substitute W-9

Procurement Knowledge Base

  • Supplier Registration
  • Supplier Approval and Edit
  • Non-Catalog Requisitions
  • Smart Forms
  • Purchase Orders
  • Procurement Approvals

Data Governance Knowledge Base – contains standards on data, name, address and phone – guidelines on entering data

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a question about Oracle Finance? Check out these frequently asked questions

Procurement Delivery Note

When purchasing from W.B. Mason, please remember that they deliver directly to your office. You can change your deliver-to preference on the “Update Requisition Preferences” page as well as the “Edit Requisition” page. This goes for other punchout suppliers and non-catalog requests, too. For further details on how to change your deliver-to location, please see the following reference guides:


Review these videos about common Finance tasks.  Additional videos are available on the Procurement (Purchasing) Knowledge Base.


Documents from the courses are available in the Knowledge Base links provided above and on these two google sheets:

EDORDA Values - a current, searchable list of the Chart of Account values in Oracle

EDORDA Map - map from Banner to Oracle for each segment

Please note:  You will need to use your account to access any Google drive documents referred to in this website.  Faculty and staff with accounts need to access these documents with their username followed by  Personal gmail accounts will not work.

Training Facilitators 

Contact one of our many Training Facilitators who are available to assist.  Their department and location are listed for your convenience.

For general questions or feedback about the transition to Oracle, please contact a change facilitator.