This article originally appeared in Cyprus Mail.

Green background with large white text "Bi-communal Musical Dialogues for Peace" next to a white and yellow illustration of a dove carrying a quarter note in its beak.

Stuck in between a state of peace and conflict, a new local initiative aims to initiate peacebuilding through the use of music. Bi-ComMusic is a project funded by the Davis Projects for Peace, that hopes to help the island’s communities and address the many stages of conflict more constructively and creatively, through the use of music and dialogue.

Introducing the project and launching their first event, the team behind Bi-ComMusic is hosting an evening on musical dialogues for peace at the Home for Cooperation this Wednesday. The coordinator of the project and the Music Expert of the team is Elina Georgiou, who is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Clarinet Performance at Manhattan School of Music, USA. Dr Eliza Patouris is the project’s Certified Dialogue Moderator with a background as an Advanced Dialogue Facilitator under the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange programme which provides young adults around the world with the opportunity to engage in virtual dialogue for the development of peacebuilding and conflict resolution. The Anthropologist and Researcher of the project is Stephanie Kalavazidou who conducts in-depth research through secondary and primary research.

Together they form Bi-ComMusic which has a goal to initiate peacebuilding efforts by building understanding and breaking down barriers which cause conflict between communities, most importantly through the use of music. This Wednesday, they invite Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot musicians, peacebuilders and anyone working in the fields of music and peacebuilding to join them for the Open Dialogue Workshop.

From 6.30pm until about 10pm, participants will talk about peacebuilding, music and its power to build bridges and what stands in the way of bicommunal work. The event aims to hold an open discussion without judgement on the matter and invites all those interested to meet and connect. Translation and interpretation support in English, Turkish and Greek will be available and drinks and finger food will follow.

“Let’s bring music, peace and dialogue together,” says Bi-ComMusic, “in the only divided capital of the world.”

Bi-Communal Musical Dialogues for Peace

Inaugural event of project. Open for musicians and peacebuilders. June 29. Home for Cooperation, Nicosia. 6.30pm-10pm. Free. Register via form on Facebook event