The Center for Community Engagement applies and supports best practices in community-connected teaching, learning and research. We create and sustain meaningful, ongoing, and reciprocal community partnerships that provide critical context for student learning. CCE staff build connections among community organizations, students, faculty, and staff that promote Middlebury’s educational mission while furthering the development of positive and sustainable communities.

Benefits to Students

  • Gain experience placing their learning in context, seeing first-hand how their academic inquiry connects to the problems and opportunities of the day.
  • Build skills and the understanding of how those skills translate from the classroom, to community, and ultimately to their work in the world.
  • Generate new knowledge and questions that inform and sharpen their academic pursuits here at Middlebury, and as lifelong learners and citizens.

Benefits to Faculty

  • Experienced staff educators who partner with you to develop and design community-based learning opportunities that align with course learning outcomes.
  • Pedagogical resources for building course components that optimize community-connected teaching, learning, and research, and reflect best and current practices in experiential learning.
  • Broad networks and connections in local, national, and global contexts. Our staff draw on extensive existing and emerging relationships with and among a range of sectors that connect across academic disciplines.

Program Highlights

  • Privilege and Poverty Academic Cluster  integrates coursework with experiential learning to critically examine the causes and consequences of economic inequality.
  • Democracy Initiatives provides resources for students to be active participants in our democracy including voter education resources.
  • Language in Motion connects Middlebury’s international, study abroad, and upper level language students with Addison County elementary, middle, and high school teachers, students, and classrooms. With support and training, Middlebury College students prepare and deliver lessons that promote global awareness, intercultural competence, and world language acquisition.
  • Academic Outreach Endowment (AOE) Grants: AOE grants provide financial support to both faculty and students for community-teaching, learning, and research across all disciplines and is administered by the Center for Community Engagement. Learn more about Academic Outreach Endowment Grants.

Are you collaborating with a community member or organization already, and want some help around structure and assessment? Or do you simply want to talk through your ideas with a CCE colleague? If you’re not sure who might be the best contact, please contact Ashley Laux at who will put you in touch with the staff member who has experience in your discipline and or may be able to support your course goals.