Middlab Team

Sponsor: Mike Roy

Co-Leaders: Ryan Clement and Patrick Wallace

Members: Wendy Shook, Heather Stafford,  Ian McBride, Leanne Galletly

Charge:  MiddLab is a library services hub that supports and creates digital scholarship at Middlebury. In particular, MiddLab assesses, vets, documents, develops, and serves as a resource for digital scholarship projects and tools for faculty, students, and staff.

Newsletter Team (on hiatus)

Sponsor: Terry Simpkins

Members: Terry Simpkins, Dan Frostman, [3 vacant]

Charge: - none formally defined.  We publish an online library/DLA/CTLR newsletter every two months during the academic year.

Social Media Team

Sponsor: Carrie Macfarlane

Members:  Amy Frazier (leader), Heather Stafford

Charge:  The Social Media Team posts high-quality, engaging content to social media platforms (currently Facebook) on a regular basis.

Space Team

Sponsor: Carrie Macfarlane

Members:  Brenda Ellis (leader), Joseph Watson, Todd Sturtevant, Leanne Galletly, Mack Pauly, Bill Koulopoulos.

Charge:  The space team will look primarily at Davis Family Library space in order to make recommendations for changes that optimize service & utilization. All recommendations should include usability studies and/or other forms of input from our users.

UX Team

Sponsor:  Carrie Macfarlane

Members: Ryan Clement (leader), Leanne Galletly, Bryan Carson, Dan Frostman, Wendy Shook, Patrick Wallace

Charge: The UX Team oversees the library’s web presence and will make recommendations for improvements to library web content based on evidence and usability best practices. The team will lead library staff in exploring usability and user experience issues, facilitate opportunities for user feedback, and remind content authors to refresh their web content an on annual basis.

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