Interlibrary Loan Services

NExpress is a consortium of College libraries in New England: Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Middlebury, and Wellesley who have created a combined catalog of their collections. Patrons may borrow other member libraries' materials by requesting them online in the NExpress Catalog and having them delivered to Middlebury for pickup. You may also use your Middlebury ID to check out items directly from any of the NExpress Libraries.

How does NExpress fit in with the existing methods for borrowing items from Middlebury? We recommend checking the MIDCAT Library Catalog, for materials first for the fastest access. If there is something you need that we do not own, or our copy is currently checked out, then we recommend you first check the NExpress Catalog (2-3 business day delivery time), our final option is WorldCat (delivery time frame varies), to locate items you can borrow from other institutions.

To renew NExpress items and to check on pending requests, log in to your My MIDCAT Account

Need a book that is not in NExpress? If so, submit an ILLiad request and the Interlibrary Loan Department will borrow a copy from another institution.

Interlibrary Loan, or ILL helps eligible patrons obtain materials that are not available at the Middlebury College Libraries, via NExpress or ConnectNY. ILL services are made possible by participating libraries worldwide that share their collections with scholars, researchers, and students of other institutions. ILL can bring that rare and important resource right to your front door, but you may be required to return it in a month, or use it only in the Main Library.  (Specialized research materials borrowed from CRL are intended for long term research projects and will have longer due dates.)

ILL requests are submitted and held in the ILLiad System. You can fill out an ILLiad form and submit it directly to the ILL Office for ordering, or you can search in any of Middlebury College's on-line databases.

In person library privileges at other libraries or institutions: As a Middlebury Library patron you may borrow from other libraries in person in the following circumstances:

  • All Middlebury ILL eligible patrons, students, faculty, and staff may walk into any of the NExpress partner libraries and check out the same materials that would circulate through ILL.
  • Middlebury students, and all Middlebury residents may sign up for a free Ilsley Public Library Card for direct access to Ilsley’s collection of popular fiction, non-fiction, young adult, children’s books, audio-books, videos, genealogy and local history materials.  You can apply for a card in person at the Ilsley Public Library, 75 Main Street, in Middlebury.
  • Middlebury Faculty may sign up for the Vermont Consortium of Academic Library (VCAL’s) Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing Program by filling out online and printing the on-line authorization form  print and bringing the completed form to the Davis Family Library Circ. Desk to apply for a VCAL Faculty Borrowing Card.  Cards are issued during weekday "office" hours at the Davis Family Library.  See VCAL for more information and a list of participating Vermont Academic libraries.

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