What does "Invalid Session ID" mean, and how do I stop it?

Have you had trouble with this error message when attempting to submit ILL requests?

The request form is complete and instead of submitting properly an error message: "Invalid Session ID" is displayed.  This is due to an invalid password and cached (or saved) web pages in the Chrome browser, often on Mac computers. 

To Fix this:

  • Go to Chrome Settings, expand list for Advanced Settings.
  • Select 'Manage Passwords' 
  • Search or scroll through the list for "ill.middlebury.edu"
  • Delete the password and close the browser COMPLETELY.

Try resubmitting your ILL request in a NEW session. 


What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Books, articles, and other materials not owned by the Middlebury College Libraries can often be obtained from other locations for current students, faculty and staff of Middlebury College.  We will attempt to borrow any materials needed but are unable to guarantee success for all requests.

Borrowed items are subject to any restrictions imposed by the lender. These include the loan period length, "in library use only" restrictions, and whether or not renewals will be granted. Photocopies may be retained by the patron unless otherwise advised. All photocopy requests are subject to copyright restrictions. We use ILL to request materials from around the world, so items ordered via ILL may take longer and have shorter loan periods or fewer renewals than items ordered via NExpress, but our pool of potential lenders is much greater.

Materials borrowed from CRL are the exception to ILL normal due date and renewal limits.  As long as CRL materials are not needed by another institution we are able to renew CRL materials indefinitely.

What is ILLiad?

ILLiad is the electronic system for receiving, processing, and managing Interlibrary loan requests on-line.

The name ILLiad can be thought of as an acronym for InterLibrary Loan internet accessible database.

For further information on ILLiad see the ILLiad FAQ.

What is RapidILL?

RapidILL, also referred to simply as Rapid, is an expedited ILL service specifically for article requests.  Rapid reviews incoming requests in ILLiad and automatically orders any article request with sufficient information.

Requests must have a valid ISSN and a four digit year in order to be processed by Rapid.

What Can I Request?

Many types of items can be borrowed. Books are usually borrowed in print copy. Newspapers are usually provided in micro-form covering multiple weeks. Journal articles are sent as photocopies or digital copies.

Media items: DVDs, CDs, etc, can be ordered, but may take longer to arrive.

Dissertations and theses are provided in print copy or in microform, if we can get them. See the section on Theses and Dissertations From Other Institutions for more details and options.

Materials usually not available for loan include: rare or fragile items, such as manuscripts, reference books, genealogical materials, new books, electronic resources such as databases, computer files, and ebooks.  If in doubt, request the material and we will let you know if we can't get it.

Can I borrow materials owned by Middlebury?

Yes!  If the material is unavailable, i.e. 'checked out to another patron', or 'missing' as reported by Midcat, then it is possible to order it through Interlibrary Loan. 

How long will it take for my ILL to arrive?

Our average turnaround for ILL is currently 1.31 days for articles, and 9 days for loans.  However some materials will take much longer to arrive.  The easiest way to tell how long it will take for an item to arrive is to look in WorldCat.  Worldcat identifies how many libraries worldwide own an item.  The more libraries that own the item, the faster it will arrive.

We occasionally order items from other countries such as the UK, Germany or Australia.  Items coming from abroad will often take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Items ordered from UVM and former NExpress schools should arrive in 3-4 days or less.

I just returned my ILL because it was due, can I request it again?

Yes, if the book can no longer be renewed, you can clone your request in ILLiad to easily resubmit it to ILL for processing.

Items needed for extended periods of time can also be suggested for purchase go/purchaserequest.

If the item has not yet been shipped back, it may still be possible to renew an ILL (with the permission of the Lender), but remember renewals are not guaranteed.

Can I renew my ILL materials?

Yes, for most items:

From within ILLiad, select “Checked Out Items” from the menu on the left. Open the item you would like to renew by clicking on the request number. Click “Renew Request” at the top of the detailed information page to place the renewal request.

There is a limited window of opportunity for placing a renewal.  Renewals can only be placed 10 days before the due date through one day beyond the original due date.

Items already identified as non-renewable will have no button. However, each renewal request is sent to the lender for review, and it is up to the lender to grant or decline our renewal request, so seeing the button in ILLiad is NOT a guarantee of a renewal.

ILL staff will update Millennium and ILLiad with the dates provided by the Lending Libraries, and e-mail patrons when a renewal has been denied.  You can check the status of your renewal in ILLiad or in My MIDCAT



What happened to NExpress?

The NExpress consortia has ended due to lack of participants. We still plan to work together through other ILL systems. We closed up NExpress ordering at the end of this Spring semester.  April 30th, 2017 was the last day to order new NExpress items.  All Nexpress items were be due back by May 15th, 2017.


Worldcat and ILLiad will remain as ILL searching and ordering options. Any questions: please contact Rachel Manning at x5498. 

What was NExpress?

NExpress was a consortium of libraries in New England: Bates College, Bowdoin College, Colby College, Middlebury College, and Wellesley College.

After all schools but Middlebury and Wellesley pulled out of NExpress the sad decision to close NExpress was made in the Spring of 2017. 

NExpress offered expedited ILL services by operating a common catalog from 2007 through May 2017.  The system automatically sent the patron’s loan request to a library within the consortia whose catalog currently listed an available copy of the requested item.  All of the NExpress Libraries agreed to ship materials via UPS and to allow multiple renewals, so items would arrive quickly and were possible to be renewed three times.

Why is my book "Checked out to Customer" in ILLiad, I have not picked it up yet?

We automatically check items out to the patron in ILLiad when we send the books to Circulation for patron pickup, and discharge them when they are returned from Circulation.  This allows the Circulation staff to check materials out to you using only one (circulation) system at the desk.  You are only responsible for the book while it is on your "My Midcat" Acct.

You can view the items on you circulation acct using “My Midcat”    http://biblio.middlebury.edu/patroninfo

What can be borrowed from Center for Research Libraries (CRL)?

Middlebury is a member of the Center for Research Libraries and can borrow any materials from their collection. CRL materials can be borrowed for an extended loan period if no one else requests the item!  CRL specializes in harder to get periodicals (including many foreign language newspapers and journals) and other resources. See their collections description. Search the CRL catalog to identify items, and then request them via ILL and note it's available from CRL.

CRL items can now be discovered and ordered by searching the ConnectNY catalog!

How much does an ILL request cost?

Interlibrary loans are free to Middlebury students, faculty and staff.  Between shipping and ILL fees they average about $30.00 per request.

Copyright can increase the cost of an ILL  request drastically.  We are able to order five articles published in the last five years, from each Journal title, without paying individual copyright.  However, beyond these five requests, we must pay a per article copyright fee as determined by the publisher.  Many publishers charge around $30-38 per article in copyright fees.  We have seen publishers who charge as much as $48 per article.

Who May Use ILL?

Middlebury College students, faculty, and staff may use Interlibrary loan services. Requests are acted upon as soon as possible.

  • Students:
    • Undergraduate
    • Summer language
    • Bread Loaf School of English
    • Midd. students studying abroad
    • DML students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Emeritus Faculty and Faculty Spouses

Middlebury Alumni and Faculty/Staff who are no longer employed at Middlebury College may not use Interlibrary Loan Services. 

How to Set up a Proxy ILLiad Account. (Midd. Faculty only)

Create a faculty proxy ILLiad Account here: http://ill.middlebury.edu/illiad/mdy/firsttime.html

Read through the information and at the bottom of the First Time User Registration web page click on the "First Time Users Click Here" button.

Enter in all the relevant faculty member information.

*NOTE* - Do not use your ILLiad user name, instead create a new user name that starts with the word proxy (ex. proxy-jdoe, or proxy_gsmith)

**DO NOT use your regular network password!
Now you can give the account information (username and password) to research assistants, teaching assistants, or dept. coordinators so that they may place ILL orders on your behalf.  The faculty member is responsible for all ILL orders made with their proxy ILLiad accounts.
In order for those individuals to be able to check out ILL items or other library materials on your behalf, you must authorize a Proxy Borrowing Card for them.
Each faculty member should create only one proxy ILLiad

What about Copyright?

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or other reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement. This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright.

My ILL was cancelled because it is available at Middlebury but I'm in . . . Madrid, Mexico, Timbuktu. What do I do?

First:  Login to ILLiad and change your Delivery Site status to indicate you are an off-campus patron. This is done by clicking on "Edit My Contact Information" in the Tools section of the ILLiad Menu.  At the Change Personal Information page, switch your Delivery Site to "Off-Campus - MiddRemote." Using this Delivery Site you can request articles only, but we will scan Middlebury owned materials for electronic delivery in ILLiad.

Second, when ordering from off-campus it is helpful to add a message "I am a __graduate__ student studying in __Mexico__ and would like my requests to be delivered electronically," when submitting requests from abroad. This helps us catch requests such as these and process them for you here at Middlebury. We fill these requests for off-campus patrons only!

If something is cancelled improperly you can always add new notes and resubmit/send it back to us by logging on to your ILLiad Acct. http://ill.middlebury.edu/illiad/mdy/logon.html

Select the "Cancelled Requests" from the "View" menu on the left.  Then to bring up a list of your cancelled requests, click on the TN you want to resubmit.  This will bring up the detailed information of the request.  Just click on the "Resubmit Request" button, make any changes or add any new notes, then "Submit Request" to send it back to us.

What is the status of my NExpress request?
Nexpress has ended.  ALL Nexpress Items need to be returned immediately.

To determine the status of a NExpress request login to My MIDCAT.

Click on the "# request (hold)" link to view requested items, and the "# Items currently checked out" link to renew NExpress materials.

What is the status of my ILL request?

To check on the status of an ILL request logon to your ILLiad acct:  go/ill

Search for your request in the search box, select "All Requests" from the view menu, or locate your request in "Outstanding Request" list on the main ILLiad page.  Click on the Transaction number of the request to open up the detailed information page.  Scroll down to tracking to see the current status of your request.

ILLiad Status information:

Awaiting Customer Response: We need more information to process your ILL request.  Please edit your ILLiad request or reply to our e-mail question.

Request Sent: ILL staff have ordered your request and are waiting to find out if a Lender can send.

Awaiting Customer Contact:  The ILL material has arrived, and is currently being processed for pickup.

Checked Out to Customer:  The ILL has been received and is available at Circulation, or has been picked up.  We check out all ILL items when delivering them to the Circulation Hold Shelf for patron pickup.  Don't worry this does not mean another patron has picked up your ILL.

Any questions contact the ILL Dept at ext. 5489 or mdyill@middlebury.edu


What if I Lose or Damage Borrowed Materials?

Patrons assume full responsibility for any ILL materials borrowed on their behalf. In the event of lost or damaged items, the patron must pay replacement cost, processing fees, and/or fines billed by the lending institution. The current ILL default liability is $100.00.  Failure to pay damage or replacement costs, processing fees and/or fines may result in suspension of ILL services. All amounts unpaid at the end of a semester will be added to your college bill.

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