Special Collections Loan Agreement

Borrower information

The Documents/Realia described below have been temporarily removed from Middlebury College Special Collections and place in the custody of:

Material requested

Please search MIDCAT or Digital Collections for citation information including Author, Title, Date, Volume, etc.

Proper citation to include in any printed matter is described below in "Conditions of Outgoing Loans..." #5

Loan dates

I understand that any damage incurred to the above described Documents/Realia while they are in my custody are my responsibility and that by signing below, I agree to take proper care of the said Documents/Realia. I agree to pay a replacement cost or fine (as determined by a Special Collections staff member) should any of the materials in question be damaged beyond repair due to circumstances within my control. I also agree to return the Documents/Realia on the agreed upon date as indicated above unless otherwise communicated to Middlebury College Special Collections.


General Statement: Special Collections of Middlebury College will allow qualified organizations (other museums, non-profit organizations, education institutions, governing authorities, community service groups, etc.) to borrow items for exhibition, research, education, and publication purposes. The Curator and/or Assistant Curator may deny a loan request if he/she determines that the proposed borrower would not be able to provide adequate care for the item(s) outside Middlebury College. If the borrower violates any part of this loan agreement, Special Collections of Middlebury College holds the right to terminate the agreement at any time and/or prohibit any future loans to the borrower.

1. Borrower agrees that the object(s) in this loan will remain in the condition received and will not be
repaired, restored, cleaned, or altered in any way without the permission of Special Collections of Middlebury College. The condition of the object(s) is understood to be as stated on the form.

2. All damages to the loaned object(s) at any point in this loan from wall-to-wall will be reported to Special Collections of Middlebury College immediately.

3. The object(s) may not be lent to a third party without the advance approval of Special Collections of Middlebury College.

4. The object(s) may be photographed and/or scanned only with the permission of Special Collections of Middlebury College. The borrower agrees that any photographs and/or scans made of the loaned object(s) will be used only for the purpose stated on this form and only for the number of times stated. Special Collections of Middlebury College will receive a copy of all photographs and/or scans (600dpi TIFFs - according to digital archival standards established by Special Collections of Middlebury College) for record keeping purposes. All publications of photographs and/or scans of items in this loan will bear a credit line acknowledging that the object(s) are the property of Special Collections, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont.

5. Borrower will credit "[Collection] (to be supplied by staff), Special Collections, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont", with ownership of the borrowed object(s) in label copy, publicity releases and in any printed matter.

6. Borrower is responsible for packing, transportation, insurance, and all other factors of transporting the loan, unless otherwise stated. The borrower is responsible for returning the loan at the time stated.

7. Special Collections of Middlebury College may require proof of insurance, may wish to have its name on the policy, and may wish to receive a copy of the insurance policy.

8. Borrower will provide evidence that the loaned object(s) are exhibited/used in an area that has climate control conditions in accordance with best practices outlined in current archival/museum standards.

9. Borrower agrees to use the loan only for the purposes stated on this form.