Thoreau Letter

The Julian W. Abernethy Collection of American Literature is the largest major gift to Middlebury College. The greatest strength of the original collection, received in 1923, lies in first edition books, pamphlets, and manuscripts related to the transcendental movement. In recent years, the collection has grown to include travel writing of Americans abroad and popular periodical literature of the 19th and early 20th century.

Football 1924

College Archives

The College Archives serves as the repository of records, documents, publications, photographs, audiovisual recordings, and other archival materials related to Middlebury College and its global presence since its founding in 1800. The Archives contain materials in all formats generated by the college administration, faculty, students, alumni, and independent scholars, past, present, and future.

Robert Frost @ Bread Loaf

Digital Lecture Archive

This resource provides on-demand video and audio of lectures and events from Middlebury College.




Flanders Song

Flanders Ballad Collection

Begun in 1930 by Helen Hartness Flanders of Springfield, Vermont, the Flanders Ballad Collections contain New England folk song and folk life materials. Flanders traveled throughout the New England states between 1930 and 1966 documenting traditional song and dance music by creating field recordings on cylinder, disc, and tape. Donated to the College in 1941, the Flanders Ballad Collections also include Mrs. Flanders’ correspondence and research materials, photographs, manuscripts, broadsides, hymnals, songsters, and journals.


Historic Middlebury

This collection of more than 200 historic images supports the digital edition of A Walking History of Middlebury, by Prof. Glen A. Andres, is an expanded version of this classic, user-friendly guide to the history of the town and of the College. Images are the property of the Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History.



Midd Newsletter

College Newspapers & Magazines

A collection dating from the early 1800s to mid-20th century, with tens of thousands of pages from the Middlebury Campus, Middlebury College News Letter, and The Undergraduate. Archival content continues to be added during 2007-2008.


Middlebury College News Bureau Photo Archive

The Middlebury College News Bureau Photo Archives is an ongoing project to digitize more than 4000 images of College life and activities between the 1930s and 1960s.

Midd Grads

Scholarship at Middlebury

Scholarship by Middlebury College students and faculty, including senior theses and research projects. For some items, access  is restricted to the Middlebury College community.
Note: Theses were voluntarily submitted by students in response to departmental recommendations. Many departments are not yet represented.


Middlebury History Online

An exhibition illustrating selected archives of Middlebury College, 1800-1916.





Railroad Photographs

A selection of some of the photographs included in the Rutland Railroad Archives at the Middlebury College Library.

Inn at Breadloaf

Robert Frost at Breadloaf

An online exhibition based on audiorecordings, transcripts, letters, photographs, journals and manuscripts found in Special Collections at Middlebury College.

VT Books and Pamphlets

Vermont Collection Books and Pamphlets

A growing collection of books, pamphlets and state documents, all pertaining to various aspects of Vermont state and local history.


Vermont 1796 Map

Vermont Maps

A collection of over 100 maps from the Vermont Collection, including many maps from the Beers county atlases for Vermont.


Vermont 1929 Flood

Vermont Postcards

A collection of over 1000 early Vermont postcards, including many towns and a variety of subjects.

Falls at Otter Creek

A Walking History of Middlebury

An online version of Glenn Andres' Walking History of Middlebury, conceived as a collaborative project between the Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History and Middlebury College.