Middlebury College Archives Records Management: An Overview

The Middlebury College Archives collects, preserves, and provides appropriate access to college records that have enduring legal, fiscal, historical, or administrative value. College records comprise all recorded information in any format that are created or received in the course of official College business and that provide historically relevant information and insights into the administrative transactions and activities of any college office, organization, or employee. 

Why we do this

An effective Records Management Program:

  • ensures the preservation of and appropriate access to historically relevant college records for all researchers
  • eliminates the inadvertent destruction of records
  • ensures compliance with federal and state laws and regulations
  • promotes efficiency through the informed disposal of non-relevant materials, and economy by freeing up storage space
How we do this

A Records Management Program is established with institutional support and through collegial collaboration between College Archives staff and the creators and caretakers of college records.

The College Archives collaborates with each college office/department and their staff, to:

  • identify records that are historically relevant, research-worthy, and support the college’s mission
  • determine what records must be retained to be compliant with state and federal laws
  • establish when records become inactive and how long those inactive papers are retained by an office
  • confirm which records will be transferred to the College Archives (including conditions of access) and which should be destroyed


What are archival records

Archival records are "inactive" college records that have historical and legal relevance. What do we mean by "inactive?" Often seven years is a benchmark, but it can be longer or shorter. When the usefulness of a record in your desk drawers, email in-box, or online folders has ended, consider donating it to the Archives. 

What should you save? What should you throw out? Visit Dontate to the Archives for guidelines and best practices. 


Contact Danielle Rougeau, College Archivist at rougeau@middlebury.edu, or 802.443.5634