Davis Family Library: 7:30am - 10pm
Armstrong Science Library: 7:45am - 5pm

The below guidelines describe the process of transferring records to the College Archives. 

To transfer electronic records, contact specialcollections@middlebury.edu for guidance.

Before you prepare to transfer any records, please review our Collection Development Policy and determine if your materials historically relevant and appropriate for preservation in the College Archives. 

1. Prepare materials for transfer

  • Discard blank forms 
  • Remove duplicate copies
  • Discard non-Middlebury publications
  • Remove materials from binders and place in labeled file folders. Maintain original order of the records
  • Place folders in boxes, maintaining original order. Contact specialcollections@middlebury.edu if you need boxes
  • Label boxes for transfer. Boxes should be labeled “To Special Collections from [name of person or office]” and should be individually numbered. (Example: Box 1/4 to indicate “Box 1 of 4”)

2. Create inventory of materials

  • Indicate the contents of each box
  • Share inventory with the College Archivist

3. Contact Facilities to move the boxes to Special Collections