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The College Archives is committed to making College records available for research without restriction. However, there may be legal or institutional requirements to restrict access to some materials.

Current Restrictions

The College Archives enforces the following access restrictions:

  • Trustees records: 50 years from the date of creation
  • Presidential records: 35 years from the end of tenure
  • Departmental and administrative papers (if requested): 15 years from date of creation
  • Email correspondence: 50 years from date of deposit
  • Student educational records (credentials, grade sheets, correspondence, reports, notes, applications, and all other records pertaining to past and present students) governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974: 75 years from date of creation
  • Personnel files (search, review, promotion, reappointment, tenure, and disciplinary/grievance records): 75 years from the date of separation


Alternate restriction schedules can be created as needed. Contact Special Collections with questions or concerns.

Special Collections

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