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Davis Family Library: 7:30am - 12am
Armstrong Science Library: 7:45am - 10pm

Middlebury Special Collections is open to members of the Middlebury College community and the general public.

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Before You Visit

Wash your hands before you visit. We don’t require gloves; freshly washed hands are best.

You are welcome to bring:

  • Pencils (we have souvenir pencils!)
  • Paper/notebooks
  • Laptop
  • Phone

Photos are welcome! (No flash please.) Visit Permissions and Copyright for more information on using the images you may capture.

Leave the following items in our lobby:

  • Pens (unlike pencils, ink is permanent if accidentally splotched)
  • Bags
  • Coats (But keep your layers! We are climate-controlled, so it can get chilly)
  • Beverages and food

Have a question? Email us at

Holiday and summer hours vary. See the Davis Family Library hours for details.

Visitors should familiarize themselves with our Visitors Policy ahead of coming to campus.


Special Collections is located on the lower level of Davis Family Library. View the Middlebury College campus map for more information.

Middlebury Special Collections
Davis Family Library 101
110 Storrs Avenue
Middlebury, VT 05753


Visit the parking section on the Davis Family Library page for more information on visitor parking.

Teach With Us

During class or group visits our staff typically provide hands-on, guided explorations of our collections to cultivate historical imagination, encourage curiosity about the past, and deepen appreciation for historical materials.

Our teaching philosophy is to deeply engage students with original primary materials, to expose as many students as possible to our collections, and to provide them with the tools they need to analyze, interpret, and use primary documents.

If you are interested in setting up a class visit, contact

General Rules for Using Collections

  • Special Collections materials do not leave the research room
  • Let us know if you’d like to request copies or scans of materials
  • Turn pages slowly and carefully
  • When working with archival collections, always maintain the existing order of items in boxes and folders
  • Born-digital materials may not be reproduced or transferred from the research room without first consulting Special Collections staff

We look forward to seeing you!