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Crediting Middlebury College Special Collections

When using our collections, we ask that you use this credit line:

Middlebury College Special Collections, Middlebury, Vermont


Typically, the creator of materials owns copyright for those materials. While Special Collections owns the physical materials in our care, we do not necessarily own the copyright, unless it has been transferred to us.

In most cases, Special Collections does not hold the copyright to its materials and cannot grant or deny permission to use them. You are solely responsible for determining the copyright status of any materials you may wish to use, to investigate the owner of the copyright, and to obtain permission for your intended use. We ask that you cite Special Collections as the source of the materials with the appropriate credit line.

If you have more information pertaining to the copyright of any of our materials, we would appreciate hearing from you. Please contact specialcollections@middlebury.edu.

Public Domain

Special Collections welcomes you to use materials in the public domain. For help identifying what is and is not in the public domain, see this chart, published by Cornell University.

Fair Use

The United States copyright law contains an exception for fair use of copyrighted materials, which includes the use of materials for purposes of teaching, scholarship, research, criticism, and news reporting. For guidelines on the fair use exception, refer to the United States Copyright Office.

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