What should you save and send to the Archives? Ask these questions:

  • Does it document policy, decisions, and procedures?
  • Does it document major activities and events?
  • Does it have enduring historical and administrative value?

to transfer to the Archives

  • Agendas and meeting minutes
  • Reports
  • Publications related to your department or group
  • Meeting minutes, reports, event schedules
  • Publications, performances, competitions, artwork, websites, blogs
  • Promotional materials like posters, and photographs
  • Speeches and remarks
  • Social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Should I transfer email?

In many cases, yes. Contact the Archives to learn how to donate historically significant email.


What we don't want you to transfer

  • Personal non-Middlebury College correspondence and materials
  • Duplicate materials
  • Preliminary reports
  • Vendor records/catalogs/contracts
  • Non-Middlebury publications
  • Materials related to job applicants
  • Files that may contain sensitive or confidential information regulated by law, such as:
    • Social Security Numbers
    • Driver's License ID Number
    • Passport ID Number 
    • Tax ID Number
    • Health Information
    • Credit Card Data

Placing restrictions on records

Some materials should be restricted to protect personal information. Review our schedule of restrictions and contact us to learn more.

What kinds of formats should you save and how should I transfer them?

  • For physical materials (paper, DVDs, etc.), send them through intercampus mail to the College Archives in Davis Family Library or drop them off. 


Contact Danielle Rougeau, College Archivist at rougeau@middlebury.edu, or 802.443.5634