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SensusAccess is a web-based, self-service application that allows users to automatically convert documents into a range of alternate and accessible formats.

As a condition of using this service, all users must comply with applicable law, including copyright laws. By using SensusAccess, you assert that you have legal authorization to access and duplicate these materials, such as appropriate permission or qualification as fair use under the law.

Please note there is inherent risk that user provided information could be inadvertently disclosed to others and therefore this service is not recommended for materials containing confidential or private information.


Click on the link below and follow the onscreen prompts. The form expands as you make your selections.

Follow the four easy steps below to have your document converted into an alternative, accessible format.

  1. Upload the file

  2. Select Output Format

  3. Specify options

  4. Enter email address and submit request

The result will be delivered in your email inbox. You may upload a file, enter a URL to a file or simply type in the text you wish to have converted.

SensusAccess Questions and Answers

Conversion Matrix

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