The CTLR has two programs that provide intensive course-based support using peer tutors. The Quantitative Skills Support and the Writing Center hire, train, and mentor peer tutors who work with faculty across the disciplines and in writing intensive courses. Each program is unique in its approach to embedded tutoring models so please read the information below carefully. 

Quantitative Skills Support Course-Based Tutoring Program

Course-based STEM and Social Science subject tutors are available by request. Tutors are trained and supervised by the CTLR. Depending on an individual department’s needs, the CTLR will also pay some or all of the requested tutor’s hours. 

Requests should be submitted prior to the semester start, or as early as possible in the semester to allow for adequate tutor recruitment, training and placement. Additional information can be found on the STEM Tutoring page.

Recommending or Requesting a Student to be a STEM/Social Science Course-Based Tutor

To recommend a student to the CTLR to be a tutor, or to request a specific student to be a tutor to support your course, submit the faculty request and recommendation form.

General Need Request for a STEM/Social Science Course-Based Tutor

If you need STEM/Social Science course-based tutoring support for your class but you do not have a student to recommend, please submit the tutor support request form. You will then be matched with a student tutor.

If you have questions, contact Frank Ruzicka, Director of Quantitative support. 

Writing Center Course-Based Tutoring Program

UPDATE: As of mid-August 2022, all course-based peer writing tutors have been placed for fall term. Faculty are welcome to direct their writers to online tutoring and drop-in tutoring

Course-based writing tutors work with students one-on-one on the writing process, revision, project planning, idea development, etc. They can also provide in-class workshops related to time management, revision, research integration, etc. Typically connected with writing-intensive courses, writing tutors are also available for courses outside the FYS/CW/WRPR programs. 

An announcement is sent to faculty prior to the start of the semester (in May for fall semester and in December for spring semester) to request a tutor. For fall semester, placement will take place in two parts (by mid-June and by mid-to-late August), for spring semester, placement will take place late in Winter Term.  

Additional details about course-based tutors and Writing Center faculty support can be found on the Writing Center course-based tutoring page. Contact Genie Giaimo, Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric and Director of the Writing Center with questions.

Other Kinds of Support Provided by the CTLR

For more information about CTLR ‘s student-centered programming—including academic skills development, language tutoring, etc., visit the main student tutoring page.

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