A professor teaches a class in the shelter at the Organic Garden.

CTLR and its partners offer direct, timely support to faculty for their classes through online resources and consultations with their faculty and staff.

Supporting Our Students

Health and Wellness presented Supporting Our Students in the CTLR on Monday, 9/25. They spoke about bringing our best selves to students in critical times. See the presentation slides.

CTLR Teaching Resources

Using a Syllabus
Guidelines and templates for using a syllabus at Middlebury.
Academic Advising and Planning
Documents to share with students for advising meetings and course planning calendars.
Course-Based Tutoring
The CTLR facilitates training and placement of course-based tutors in various subjects including STEM and quantitative and writing courses.
Midd Programs Supporting Teaching
A list of programs and initiatives directly supporting teaching at Middlebury.
A platform for file conversion for accessibility, this page has usage documentation for SensusAccess.

Shared Teaching Resources

Latest Resources

A repository of teaching resources and external links from faculty development activities is available at CTLR Faculty Teaching Resources. 

We are currently updating the collection of resources for community sharing. If you would like to have an item added please email ctlr@middlebury.edu.