Pedagogy Enrichment Fund

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Center for Teaching, Learning & Research, I am pleased to announce the Pedagogy Enrichment Fund. This fund is designed to support new directions in teaching. Those new departures could range from preparing new modules in a course to developing new courses to exploring new approaches to teaching and learning.  The fund could, for instance, cover the costs for attending a workshop or conference on pedagogy, for materials for a new class exercise (such as charges associated with a class-wide poster session), or for bringing to campus an expert on some aspect of curricular development.

If interested, submit an application online at go/pef. Questions can be directed toward JoAnn Brewer (

The fund has two tracks. Requests for funding under $500 will be reviewed on a weekly basis. Requests ranging from $500 to $1500 will be reviewed at the beginning of each month. Proposals will be reviewed until the fund is exhausted.Those awarded funding will be expected to file a report to CTLR on the impact of support from the Pedagogy Enrichment Fund.



James Ralph
Director, Center for Teaching, Learning & Research