A view of presenters in the great hall during the Spring Student Symposium.
Presenters in the great hall during the Spring Student Symposium.

The Spring Student Symposium is an all-campus event that provides students an opportunity to showcase their academic projects to a campus-wide audience in a professional conference setting.

A celebratory day for student presentations scheduled for Friday, April 22, 2022, the symposium allows students of all academic disciplines and graduation years to present independent research through oral presentations, posters, and artwork. Classes are canceled, allowing the entire Middlebury community to come out to enjoy the intellectual inquiry and inspiration.

2021 Spring Student Symposium

Thank you to everyone who participated in Middlebury’s 14th annual Spring Student Symposium! It was a lively event with synchronous Zoom sessions and a poster viewing on May 11 and asynchronous recorded presentations, digital posters and media shared on the event site through Sunday, May 16. Projects in all disciplines were available from over 250 presenters in all class years.

Welcome for SYM2021

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the 2021 Middlebury Spring Student Symposium.

The symposium is our annual celebration of undergraduate student research and creativity and quite simply, one of my favorite days of the year.

It’s an opportunity for hundreds of Middlebury students to share the independent work they’ve been doing in science labs at the Axinn Center for the Humanities, on stages and in studios all over campus and beyond.

Through online research and in-person fieldwork. This is our 14th symposium and the first to be conducted on Zoom.

We were sad to have to cancel the symposium last year, but we’re thrilled to be back with a symposium that allows all of our students, whether studying on campus or remotely, to participate.

I’m certain we’ll discover new and exciting possibilities for sharing knowledge through this medium, and I congratulate all of the students who come together to make this happen.

This year, we had nearly 200 submissions involving more than 250 presenters.

Today will be a combination of synchronous zoom presentations, digital posters and some prerecorded presentations.

It’s a full event and a testament to the continued scholarly activities that have occurred during this year of hybrid learning.

The fact that we’ve been able to remain a vibrant learning community in this year of the pandemic is truly remarkable and a testimony to all of you involved.

And if you’ve attended the symposium in the past, you know the pure pleasure of learning about things you’ve never considered before.

And if this is your first symposium, I encourage you to drop in on as many presentations as you can and savor the intellectual riches that this day offers.

Please join me also in thanking the countless people who’ve made the symposium possible, but especially the 2021 symposium planning committee and Undergraduate Research in the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research.

We are grateful for their efforts in bringing this important event to life.

I also want to acknowledge our incredibly dedicated faculty who provide world-class mentorship to all of our students every day.

And now I invite you to join me as we celebrate the liberal arts and sciences at their finest during the 14th Middlebury Spring Student Symposium.

Welcome and Enjoy.

Event Schedule

The full event schedule was available though a private event site. Below is a presentation schedule and an overview of the day.

Presentation Schedule

Schedule Overview


President Laurie Patton’s welcome was viewable in all the first session Zoom rooms.

Zoom Sessions I

Synchronous Zoom Presentations (14 rooms)

Zoom Sessions II

Synchronous Zoom Presentations (12 rooms)

Zoom Sessions III

Synchronous Zoom Presentations (13 rooms)

Zoom Sessions IV

Synchronous Zoom Presentations (12 rooms)

Lunch Break

Poster Session

Posters were available for viewing in Bi Hall Great Hall and Discovery CourtAsynchronous posters were also available online.

Asynchronous Presentations

Asynchronous presentations were available all day and were listed in the schedule in this session block.

Top 5 Reasons to Join in the Spring Student Symposium

Since its start in 2007, the event has grown to showcase the academic and creative works of more than 275 students annually. Students from all classes and all disciplines are encouraged to apply to present.

In addition to presenting, students enjoy attending to support their friends, explore a major, or learn more about undergraduate research topics here at Middlebury.

“The Student Symposium was one of my favorite days of the year. Presenting my work was very rewarding, but the day was great because of the quality of everyone’s work and presentation. Students at Middlebury work hard, and the Symposium is an amazing way to celebrate achievements and also gain essential presentation skills.”

“I enjoyed being able to share my work with my friends and family in a public setting, but I was really amazed by the depth and breadth of the other research I got to learn about during the Symposium. I felt reenergized at the end of the day because it was a great reminder of the passion and brilliance of so many members of the Middlebury community.”

Spring Symposium supporters include the Norbert K. Vaughn ’10 Memorial Fund, established in 2008, to honor Norbert’s memory and an event that exemplifies his approach to scholarly inquiry. 

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