Lecturing is the most  common and ubiquitous teaching strategy. While most instructors do not spend an entire class lecturing, it is an important component of many classes and is important to be done effectively.

Here's a video  link to 'Lecture Tips' by Prof. Patrick Winston of MIT on how to give an effective talk. Topics include how to start a lecture, introducing and cycling new material, asking questions, using the blackboard, etc. It is very well done.

Lecture Video

Technologies Supporting and Enhancing Lecturing:

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Create a Presentation

Presentation tools like PowerPoint or Keynote can be effect vehicles for delivering rich, multimedia content. When misused, these tools can detract from rather than enhance a lecture. Here are some pointers on how not to ruin a perfectly good lecture with PowerPoint by Prof. David Daniels of the University of Maine.

PowerPoint Quick Start

Personal Polling Devices or 'Clickers'
Clickers provide an opportunity to interact with your students. We currently have a supply of clickers. If you're interested, please contact Dave Guertin. Here's some additional information on teaching with clickers and 'Best Practices for Writing Clicker Questions".