CTLR is here to help you

CTLR offers several services to enrich students’ academic experience at Middlebury during the undergraduate academic year. CTLR professional and peer tutors are the “outside of class” college-sanctioned academic aid for Middlebury students. There is no charge for our services.

Fall and Spring Term Center Hours:

  • Sunday  7pm-11pm
  • Monday-Thursday   8am-5pm and 7pm-11pm
  • Friday   8am-5pm

~Peer and professional tutoring is available when classes are in session~

Winter Term Center hours:

  • Monday-Friday   8am-5pm

~Professional tutors have limited hours during Winter Term ~ Peer tutoring is not available during Winter Term~

Break Information

CTLR may be open but faculty and staff have limited availability during school breaks. Please confirm individually with who you are meeting.

Peer tutoring only occurs on nights before classes occur and may be limited adjacent to breaks due to tutor availability.

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