COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester


The Center for Teaching, Learning & Research  fosters teaching excellence, effective student learning, innovative research and collaborative engagement across the Middlebury community.  


The Center for Teaching, Learning & Research was founded in 2004 with the opening of the new Davis Family Library, where it is located.  From its inception, CTLR has focused on advancing teaching and learning at the College and has provided a locus for conversations, both within the Middlebury community and with other institutions, about excellence and innovation in a residential liberal arts education.

CTLR serves both faculty and students in a number of ways—by offering professional and peer tutoring across the disciplines and supporting student learning broadly conceived; by promoting effective teaching pedagogies, innovative faculty research through the Digital Liberal Arts Initiative, and exploration of academic technologies for the twenty-first century; and by supporting undergraduate research activities, both independent and faculty-mentored, and offering national fellowship advising.