Yonna McShane

Director of Learning Resources

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 Davis Family Library 225F

I have been the Director of Learning Resources and part of the CTLR team since 2004. In my current role as Director of Learning Resources, I have the pleasure of working with students to assist each of them in achieving their highest academic goals and potential. I work with individual students representing the full range of our student body. I focus much of my time in assisting students with learning to manage their time in order for them to achieve academic success, while also being engaged in leadership role, working jobs, or participating in the many clubs, etc., available at Middlebury while also finding time for social and personal pursuits  and time for getting adequate sleep. I also focus on working with students with test taking, general study skills, and workload management. I like to meet students where they are, and assist them in moving toward even higher levels of personal academic excellence.  I see students who are  achieving grades of “B+” and want to achieves grades of “A”, as well as students who are struggling academically. I also work closely with students who have learning disabilities.

I have a special interest in assisting students  in becoming skilled and effective in public speaking. I teach courses, workshops, and guest lecture in this area. I am also involved in faculty development in the area of assisting faculty to integrate oral presentation skills into their courses, and assist faculty with their own time management and incorporating universal teaching practices into their courses.

Prior to my current position, I held the positions of Assistant Director of Counseling and Human Relations, and founded and directed the Office of Health and Wellness Education at Middlebury College. As the Director of Health and Wellness,  I taught in the Department of Psychology and have engaged in extensive research focused on alcohol use and its impact on the Middlebury community, as well as eating disorders among the female population.



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PSYC 0350 - Directed Research      

Directed Research in Psychology
Directed research provides opportunities for advanced students to become familiar with and participate in ongoing research projects under the direction of a faculty member. The student will first read background literature on the content area to be investigated and experimental methodologies to be used. Procedures involved in conducting psychological research will then be learned through firsthand experience. Potential activities include the design of research and the defining of conceptual variables and the gathering, analyzing, and interpretation of data. Finally, students will learn how to write technical articles in psychology by preparing a paper describing the project, using APA style. (Approval required; not open to first-year students) 3 hrs. lect.

Fall 2014, Fall 2015

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