Dates & Deadlines for 2014-15


  • September 2
    Marshall Scholarship: Internal deadline
    Mitchell Scholarship: Internal deadline
    Rhodes Scholarship: Internal deadline
  • September 10
    Fulbright Fellowship: Information session, 4:30 pm Hillcrest 103
    Watson Fellowship: Information session, 7:00 pm Hillcrest 103
  • September 22
    Watson Fellowship: Internal deadline 12:00 noon
  • September 26
    Fulbright Grants: Internal deadline 12:00 noon


  • October 1
    Marshall Scholarship: Final deadline
    Mitchell Scholarship: Final deadline
  • October 2
    Rhodes Scholarship: Final deadline
    Churchill Scholarship: Internal deadline 12:00 noon
  • October 14
    Fulbright Grants: Final deadline
  • October 15
    Informational meeting: Truman, Beinecke, Pickering, 7:00 pm Library 230
    Gates Cambridge Scholarship: Final deadline (Cambridge University)
    Churchill Scholarship: Final deadline (Cambridge University)
  • October TBD
    Informational meeting for students interested in fellowships and scholarships related to science, the environment or public service. Including:
    • Goldwater Scholarship (sophomores/juniors),
    • NSF Graduate Research Fellowships (seniors), the Udall Fellowship (sophomores/juniors),
    • EPA Greater Research Opportunities (sophomores),
    • EPA STAR Graduate Fellowships (seniors), 
    • Charles B. Rangel Int'l Affair Program's Graduate F'ship Program (seniors)


  • Early November
    National Science Foundation: Final deadlines begin

  • November 1
    Soros Fellowship: Final deadline

  • November 5
    Watson Fellowship: Final deadline 3:00 pm
  • November 12
    Churchill Scholarship: Final deadline
    St. Andrews Scholarship: Internal deadline 12:00 noon
    Beinecke Scholarship: Internal deadline  12:00 noon
    Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund: Internal deadline 12:00 noon
    Truman Scholarship: Internal deadline 12:00 noon


  • December TBA
    EPA STAR Fellowship: Final deadline
    EPA GRO Fellowship: Final deadline

  • December 2
    NIH Graduate Partnerships Program: Final Deadline

  • December 8
    Wiesel Prize: Final deadline
  • December 6
    Goldwater: Internal deadline 12:00 noon
  • December 15
    St. Andrews Scholarship: Final deadline
    Young India Fellowship: First round deadline


  • January TBA
    Pickering Graduate Fellowship: Final deadline
    Payne International Development Fund: Final deadline
  • January 17
    Rangel International Affairs Graduate Program: Final deadline
  • January 23
    Udall Fellowship Internal deadline
  • January 31
    Goldwater Scholarship: Final deadline
    Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship: Final deadline


  • February TBA
    Tillman Military Scholarship: Final deadline
    Fulbright Info Session
  • February 4
    Truman Scholarship: Final deadline
  • February 7
    Pickering Undergraduate Fellowship: Final deadline
  • February 10
    Rangel International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program: Final deadline
  • February 21
    Beinecke Scholarship: Final deadline
  • February 25
    Vermont Law School Environmental Scholarship nomination deadline


  • March TBA
    General Info Session about British Scholarships, Fulbright and Watson

  • March 3
    NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program: Final deadline
  • March 4
    Udall Fellowship: Final deadline


  • April TBA
    Writing Essays for British Scholarships

  • April 21
    Preliminary Application Deadline for British Fellowships, Watson and Fulbright for Fall 2015 applicants


  • May TBA
    Writing Proposals for Fulbright and Watson