Keasbey Scholarship

Middlebury is eligible to nominate candidates every three years. The next year is fall 2015.

To promote Anglo-American relations; to provide Americans with an opportunity to experience the British educational system.

Support for one or two years of study --- a second BA degree and an MPhil or MSt, or a 1- or 2-year master's --- at selected British institutions (listed below).  Direct payment to the British institution involved to cover tuition and other fixed charges; a cost-of-living stipend paid to the Scholar to cover board, lodging, and general subsistence; an allowance for travel between the United States and Great Britain. The stipend is approximately equal to that of the Rhodes Scholarship.

Middlebury (along with a few other schools on a rotating basis) is invited to submit up to two nominations, in a three-year cycle.  Middlebury will be eligible to nominate students in the fall for a Keasbey Scholarship in the next year.

Unspecified; limited only by the offerings at the universities involved.


Graduate study or second B.A. at
Oxford (Christ Church, Hertford, New, Trinity, and
University Colleges) 
Cambridge (St. John's, Selwyn, and Trinity Colleges)
(These relate only to residence at Oxford or
Cambridge and do not in any way preclude a scholar
from studying with members of the faculty of other
University of Edinburgh
University College of Wales at Aberystwyth

Students (February or May) with a 3.7 or higher GPA who are US citizens and unmarried (Keasbey scholarships may not be deferred, and candidates for the Keasbey may not hold another graduate-level scholarship or grant).  The successful candidates will demonstrate academic excellence, active participation in extracurricular activities, leadership abilities, and personal promise.

TBA in spring 2014; external deadlines are also listed on program websites.

Interested seniors must submit preliminary applications to Fellowships by email. These include:

  • Keasbey profile sheet (available here or at Fellowships Office)
  • an essay of approximately 1000 words summarizing applicant's major academic interest and the course of study proposed to be taken in Great Britain
  • a résumé or list of interests and activities
  • a Banner Web Degree Progress Report, and unofficial grade lists of all college-level work completed elsewhere
  • signed Fellowship Waiver and Permission Form

The campus selection committee will make an initial screening from the preliminary applications and interview applicants in September. You must stop by to set up an interview time.

Fellowships will secure an official Middlebury transcript for each nominee; nominees will gather official transcripts from all other colleges or universities attended.

Final nominees will submit final applications, including three letters of recommendation, to be sent with the College's materials in time for the the final deadline.

Nominees will participate in campus mock interviews and must be available to participate in interviews with the trustees of the Keasbey Memorial Foundation in Philadelphia. 

Lisa Gates, Dean for Fellowships and Research
Davis Family Library 225G

For more information on the Keasbey:

Keasbey Scholarship Information Sheet (2012)


Resources for study at the institutions available:

Christ Church College
University College
Trinity College
New College
Hertford College
St. John's College
Selwyn College
Trinity College
University of Edinburgh
University College of Wales at Aberystwyth

Resources for study in Great Britain:

UK College Admissions Service