Marshall Scholarship

Information session will be in March TBA.

Awarded by the British government in recognition of the aid given to the British by the United States under the Marshall Plan. Supports a one or two years degree program (typically MA with possible extension for PhD) at university in UK.

Tuition, fees, residence and related costs and transportation to and from Britain.

Up to forty per year


Universities in the United Kingdom

Additional Marshall Scholarships in partnership with various British institutions, as well at the NIH and US Environmental Protection Agency: for doctoral study, supporting research specifically in bioscience, medicine, and related disciplines (NIH); for graduate degrees in physical, life, or systematic sciences, engineering, economics, social/behavioral sciences, urban/regional planning, communication science (EPA).

U.S. citizen under 26 years of age, with BA prior to beginning of  scholarship. Recipient is required to take a degree at a British university. Minimum GPA: 3.7.

Criteria for the Marshall are listed in three categories: Academic, Leadership, and Ambassadorial.  Students MUST demonstrate interest in US-UK relations and engaging in British culture and politics, in addition to being outstanding scholars and leaders. Marshall criteria and related questions can be found here http://www.marshallscholarship.org/applications/criteria

Internal deadline is Sept. 2, 2014, final deadline is October 1, 2014; external deadlines are also listed on program websites.

The Marshall Scholarship requires endorsement by Middlebury College in order to apply. To be nominated:

1. Submit a preliminary application by April 21, 2014 to  fellowships@middlebury.edu:


Note: letters of recommendation are NOT included in this stage of application.

 2. The fall internal deadline is to submit applications for nomination is September 2, 2014 at 5:00 pm. To apply for nomination, submit the following as a single PDF file to fellowships@middlebury.edu:

  • Marshall application draft (you can print to a PDF)----accessed from the Marshall website (see link at bottom of page)
  • Degree progress report or transcript
  • Current resume

The British Scholarships committee will interview qualified applicants in early September and select nominees.

If you are selected, it is at this point that you would secure your letters of recommendation. We suggest you let your recommenders know in advance that you are applying for nomination.

3. Once nominated, applicants work with the fellowships adviser to prepare for the final submission deadline (October 1).

Dean Lisa Gates, Associate Dean for Fellowships and Research
Library 225G

Marshall Scholarship