Young India Fellowship

PURPOSE:  The Young India Fellowship (YIF) seeks to identify and develop unique & high-potential change agents of India through a multidisciplinary program guided by eminent leaders and scholars. 

AWARD:  A one-year residential, multi-disciplinary postgraduate program based on the liberal arts. The fellowship is offered completely free of cost to individuals from around the country and across a breadth of academic disciplines; each fellow has a sponsor committed to the program. Fellows undertake a total of 26 courses during the one year (full-time residential) program; they are also mentored by some of the best minds and role models in India through the YIF Council of Mentors; finally, they undertake a year-long team-based consulting and research project created especially for the YIF. The fellowship is being referred to as India’s own Rhodes Scholarship:  it is a full scholarship to cover the entire fee, boarding, and lodging for this prestigious fully-residential, full-time program. On completion, experienced placement counselors will support and guide Fellows in securing careers or higher-study opportunities in their areas of choice.                                                                                                      

SUBJECT:  Any discipline   

TENABLE AT:  Fellows will be taught in New Delhi by faculties from respected universities both in India and abroad, and will be mentored by some of India’s best known leaders.    

Citizenship restricted to Indian Nationals.  Seniors, recent grads, and graduate students.   


Given the unique nature of the program, there is no one kind of profile for a Young India Fellow. However, the following points are being presented to give a broad idea of what is sought. A Young India Fellow could be someone who has:

  • A deep-rooted ambition to make an impact and a passion for an idea or issue which could have wider social/business/academic implications
  • The humility to believe that he/she needs to learn more and an appreciation of the limitations of his/her specialized undergraduate degree
  • The willingness to think differently and chart a new course
  • A demonstrated ability to overcome challenges
  • Qualities of integrity, self-awareness, energy, initiative and open-mindedness
  • An above-average academic record


Final deadline is Dec. 15, 2014 (1st round), and Feb. 28, 2015 (2nd round); external deadlines are also listed on program websites.

Lisa Gates, Dean for Fellowships and Research
Davis Family Library 225G

Young India Fellowship