Oral Presentation Skills

Director of Learning Resources, Yonna McShane, believes that every student can become an effective public speaker.

She teaches a Winter Term course on Oral Presentation (INTD 1090 Excelling at Oral Presentation) and works with students individually and in groups to improve their public speaking skills. You can download the rubric Yonna uses in her classes or see it below.

Peer writing tutors can also help with oral presentation skills.

NTD 1090 - Excelling at Oral Presentation

Effective public speaking is not just a practical skill; it is also one of the oldest of the liberal arts disciplines, extending back to Plato and Aristotle. In this course we will begin by studying classical rhetoric, the research and arrangement of ideas, style and memorization, and oral delivery of those ideas. We will then learn how to organize presentations and hone public speaking skills, as well as how others have done so in the past. We will also learn how to select content, structure a presentation from beginning to end, and connect with the audience. Students will be exposed to methods commonly used by audiences in the evaluation of oral presentations. Participants in this class will have an opportunity to practice oral presentations with the benefit of video as a feedback tool