For Current Updates on COVID-19:

Time Management

Dear students,

It's important to recognize that extraordinary circumstances, like the ones we are living through now, create a heavy burden on executive function. This affects your ability to plan, engage with and sustain effort to complete your course work. Please recognize the challenge you are facing and be gentle with yourselves.

For tips on minimizing burden on executive function, see our handout

How to Support Executive Function (PDF)

For very useful advice on adapting to the remote learning environment, see the handout created by the Center for Academic Innovation at the University of Michigan

Adjusting Your Study Habits During COVID (PDF)

For help with remote learning tools see Middlebury's DLINQ page

You may find it helpful to use the planning tools below to get ideas for how to create structure and minimize the demands on your working memory.

If you need help thinking through how to approach things, you can
request a remote meeting with an ACE (Academic Consultant for Excellence).

If you and your ACE decide that you need assistance from professional staff in Learning Resources, they will refer you.

Once again, be kind to yourself and recognize the extraordinary circumstances under which you are now working!

Jennifer Bates, Director of Learning Resources
Jenny Orten, Assistant Director of Learning Resources