Oral Expression

Where can I find help?

Drop-in Peer Writing Tutor

In addition to writing training, all Peer Writing Tutors receive at least an hour of training in oral presentation. No appointment necessary.
For schedule, click here.

Professional Tutoring

Director of Learning Resources Yonna McShane works with individual students to assist them in organizing their presentation and honing their public speaking skills. To schedule an appointment with Yonna, click here .

Other Resources on Campus

Oratory Now Peer Coaching

Oratory Now student coaches receive at least nine hours of training. They can work with individuals, classes or groups. To request an appointment, click here.

Quick Tips for Talks

Comprehensive Speaking Rubric

Please note: If you have an FYS Mentor or Peer Writing Tutor assigned to your class, that student has received at least an hour of training in oral presentation. For assistance, contact your Writing Tutor or Mentor directly.