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Math Practice and Review

purple swirl_1Middlebury students in a wide range of courses and majors benefit from the resources available through CTLR.

• If you are enrolled in an introductory STEM course (math, science, social science, logic) check the drop-in peer tutoring schedule to see if there is a weekly session for your class.

• Perhaps you would like to get more practice with fundamental concepts, to either prepare for taking a course or to supplement your work in a current course—see below for links to practice and review materials, as well as other online resources.

• Some students haven't had a math class in several years, and aren't sure where to begin or how to assess their own skills. We can provide assistance to you as you plan your class schedule.

Resources at CTLR

If you are thinking of enrolling in a course that has a significant quantitative component but you're not sure if you have sufficient math preparation, we can help. The Director of STEM & Quantitative Support, Jeanne Albert, can provide diagnostic and placement assistance, as well as practice exercises. To schedule an appointment with Jeanne, click here. 

Online Resources

If your math skills are rusty or you just want some extra practice, the links below contain information and exercises to review several important math concepts and methods.

Numbers and Equations

Review and Practice for Calculus

This set of exercises (with answers) includes algebra and other precalculus topics.

More algbera review and practice is available here, with complete solutions provided.


Try this self-assessment to see if you should review some trigonometry for calculus and other courses.

Common math topics and methods in introductory science courses

Excerpts from Chapter 1 of Quantitative Reasoning and the Environment: Mathematical Modeling in Context, by Langkamp and Hull, include several useful examples. Topics include

  • units of measurement and unit prefixes
  • unit conversion 
  • units in equations and formulas
  • scientific notation and order of magnitude
  • powers of 10 and logarithms

More exercises, with answers, plus a unit conversion table, are at the end of the document.

Drop-in Math Assistance

The Director of STEM and Quantitative Support provides drop-in mathematics assistance via Zoom to students in many courses-- not just MATH classes-- at the times listed below. Visit this Canvas site to join a drop-in Zoom session. [Log-in required.]

Tuesdays, 11 to 12 pm

Wednesdays, 11 to 12 pm and 3:30 to 4:30 pm

Thursdays, 11 to 12 pm