Peer Tutoring and Mentoring

Peer Tutors, Peer Writing Tutors, and FYSE Mentors are Middlebury College students who assist Middlebury students in content areas, writing, oral presentation, time management, and study skills.

  • Peer Tutors offer peer-guided Study Groups for many courses, scheduled review sessions, and some one-on-one tutoring sessions. All Middlebury students are welcome to attend.
  • Quantitative Peer Tutors assist students in courses that have moderate to significant mathematics content, including courses in mathematics, science, and social science.
  • Peer Foreign Language Tutors work with students enrolled in foreign language courses.
  • Peer Writing Tutors can help students with every phase of the writing process and are available Sunday-Thursday, 7:30-midnight during the spring and fall semesters (except during school vacations). Peer writing tutors can also help with oral presentation skills.
  • FYSE Mentors are assigned to a FYSE course. They help students with the writing process and can assist students with time management, study skills and oral presentation skills.

Faculty and Staff Professionals

Middlebury College students may meet with faculty and professional staff for Tutoring in Writing, ESOL Support, Quantitative Skills Support, Study Skills, and Time Management.