By-Appointment STEM Peer Tutoring

Students in the courses listed on this page may request an individual peer tutor to help with concepts, studying for tests, and problem solving strategies. 

Note: The deadline to request a tutor for fall, 2019 courses is Monday, December 2.

To fill out a tutor request form, please use the link below. For further information, visit the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research in 225 Davis Family Library, or the office of the Director of STEM and Quantitative Support (Jeanne Albert), in Armstrong Library, MBH 209. For questions, call 443-3131 or email

Tutor Request Form Link

Note: Many of the courses listed below have drop-in, guided study sessions available once or several times per week-- no appointment is necessary. At these sessions, a peer tutor is available to answer questions and provide other guidance for successful study. Visit the CTLR Tutoring page for more information and a link to the schedule.

Also: the Director of STEM and Quantitative Support provides drop-in mathematics assistance to students in many courses-- not just MATH classes-- on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, 3 to 4 pm, in MBH 209.


BIOL 140: Ecology and Evolution
BIOL 145: Cell Biology and Genetics

CHEM 103, 104, 107, 203, 204: Referral required; see below*

CHEM 351: Quantum Chemistry/Spectroscopy

CSCI 101: The Computing Age
CSCI 150: Computing for the Sciences
CSCI 200: Math Foundations of Computing [Professional Tutoring only]
CSCI 201: Data Structures

ECON 150, 155, 210, 211, 212, 250, 255: Referral required; see below*

ENVS 112: Natural Science & the Environment

MATH 100: A World of Mathematics
MATH 116: Intro to Statistical Science (Including R)
MATH 121, 122: Referral required; see below*
MATH 200: Linear Agebra
MATH 216: Data Science
MATH 223: Multivariable Calculus
MATH 310: Probability

NSCI 251: Cellular/Molecular Neuroscience [Tentative]
NSCI 252: Behavioral Neuroscience [Tentative]

PHIL 150: Intro to the Philosophical Tradition
PHIL 180: Into to Modern Logic

PHYS 109: Newtonian Physics
PHYS 110: Electricity & Magnetism
PHYS 111: Thermo, Fluids, Waves, & Optics

PSYC 105: Intro to Psychology [Availability limited]
PSYC 201: Psychological Statistics [Availability limited]

SOAN 385: Social Statistics (Including R)
* Students in Calculus I & II, CHEM, and ECON  courses may request one-on-one tutoring through CTLR, but will need a referral from a campus professional-- usually from their professor, Dean, or Academic Advisor. For further information, please stop by the CTLR (225 Davis Library) or contact us by email at or