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By-Appointment STEM Peer Tutoring

Please see our main tutoring page for COVID-19 updates.

Students in the courses listed on this page may request an individual peer tutor to help with concepts, studying for tests, and problem solving strategies. 

** Please submit your request by May 3, 2020.**

Use this link to request peer a tutor. For further information, contact the Director of STEM & Quantitative Support (Jeanne Albert):, or the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research:

Note: Many of the courses listed below have drop-in, guided study sessions available once or several times per week-- no appointment is necessary. At these sessions, a peer tutor is available to answer questions and provide other guidance for successful study. Visit the CTLR Tutoring page for more information.

Also: the Director of STEM and Quantitative Support provides drop-in mathematics assistance via Zoom to students in many courses-- not just MATH classes-- at the following times: 

Tuesdays, 11 to 12 pm

Wednesdays, 11 to 12 pm and 3:30 to 4:30 pm

Thursdays, 11 to 12 pm

Please visit the STEM & Quantitative Support Canvas site for more information about how to join a drop-in Zoom session.



BIOL 140: Ecology and Evolution
BIOL 145: Cell Biology and Genetics

CHEM 103, 104, 107, 203, 204: Referral required; see below*

CHEM 351: Quantum Chemistry/Spectroscopy

CSCI 101: The Computing Age
CSCI 150: Computing for the Sciences
CSCI 200: Math Foundations of Computing [Professional Tutoring only]
CSCI 201: Data Structures

ECON 150, 155, 210, 211, 212, 250, 255: Referral required; see below*

ENVS 112: Natural Science & the Environment

MATH 100: A World of Mathematics
MATH 116: Intro to Statistical Science (Including R)
MATH 121, 122: Referral required; see below*
MATH 200: Linear Agebra
MATH 216: Data Science
MATH 223: Multivariable Calculus
MATH 310: Probability

NSCI 251: Cellular/Molecular Neuroscience [Tentative]
NSCI 252: Behavioral Neuroscience [Tentative]

PHIL 150: Intro to the Philosophical Tradition
PHIL 180: Into to Modern Logic

PHYS 109: Newtonian Physics
PHYS 110: Electricity & Magnetism
PHYS 111: Thermo, Fluids, Waves, & Optics

PSYC 105: Intro to Psychology [Availability limited]
PSYC 201: Psychological Statistics [Availability limited]
* Students in Calculus I & II, CHEM, and ECON  courses may request one-on-one tutoring through CTLR, but will need a referral from a campus professional-- usually from their professor, Dean, or Academic Advisor. For further information, please stop by the CTLR (225 Davis Library) or contact us by email at or