Student-Faculty Collaboration Publications

Select recent publications by faculty member, asterisks indicate Middlebury student or graduate co-authors

Erik Bleich, Professor of Political Science

"Conflict and Coffee: Are Higher Coffee Prices Fuelling Rebellion in Uganda?", with Katherine A. Sullivan '15, Journal of African Economies, 26,3, 2017: 322-341

“Media Portrayals of Minorities: Muslims in British Newspaper Headlines, 2001-2012”, with Hannah Stonebraker*, Hasher Nisar* and Rana Abdelhamid*, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 41, 6, 2015: 942-62

Svea Closser, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

“The Impact of Polio Eradication on Routine Immunization and Primary Health Care: A Mixed-Methods Study,” with Kelly Cox, Thomas M. Parris, R. Matthew Landis, Judith Justice, Ranjani Gopinath, Kenneth Maes, Hailom Banteyerga Amaha, Ismaila Zango Mohammed, Aminu Mohammed Dukku, Patricia A. Omidian, Emma Varley, Pauley Tedoff, Adam D. Koon, Laetitia Nyirazinyoye, Matthew A. Luck, W. Frank Pont, Jr, Vanessa Neergheen*, Anat Rosenthal, Peter Nsubuga, Naveen Thacker, Rashid Jooma and Elizabeth Nuttall*, Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2014. Article

Jeff Munroe, Professor of Geology

"Eolian deposition in the alpine zone of the Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA," with Attwood, Emily C.*, O'Keefe, Samuel S.*, Quackenbush, Paul J.M.* Catena 124, 2015: 119

Mark Spritzer, Associate Professor of Biology

"Changes in sexual behavior and testosterone levels of males rats in response to daily interactions with estrus females," with Leanne M. Shulman* Physiology and Behavior 133, 2014: 8-13

"Testosterone influences spatial strategy preferences among adult male rats," with Elliott C. Fox*, Gregory D. Larsen*, Christopher G. Batson*, Benjamin A. Wagner*, and Jack Maher.* Hormones and Behavior 63, 2013: 800-812

Daniel Scharstein, Professor of Computer Science

"High-resolution stereo datasets with subpixel-accurate ground truth," with Hirschmüller, Heiko, Kitajima, York*, Krathwohl, Greg*, Nesic, Nera*, Wang, Xi *, and Westling, Porter*. The paper was presented at the German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR 2014), Münster, Germany, September 2014, where it won the best paper award.

Paul Sommers, Paige-Wright Professor of Economics

Paul has co-authored more than 200 publications with Middlebury undergraduates. Below are a few recent examples.

"An Analysis of Fights in the National Hockey League," with Henry Castillo*. Open Journal of Statistics 7, 2017.

"Who Voted for Trump in 2016," with Alexandra Cook*, Nathan Hill*, Mary Trichka*, and Grace Hwang*. Open Journal of Social Sciences 5, 2017.

"Ideological Reversal Among Supreme Court Justices," with Daniel Klemonski*, Oliver Natarajan* and Samuel Studnitzer*. Open Journal of Social Sciences 5, 2017.

“The Impact of Free Agency on NHL Player Performance,” with Emily A. Fluke.* Topics in Recreational Mathematics 6, 2016.

“The Importance of Winning Draw Controls in Women’s Lacrosse,” with Alexandra L. DeMarco and Zoe M. Loveman. Topics in Recreational Mathematics 6, 2016.