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Research Assistants

Each year, in departments across campus, Middlebury students and faculty work together to produce original research, furthering faculty scholarship and deepening student engagement and learning.

Research assistants working during the academic year are paid, receive course credit or are volunteers. During the summer, research assistants are either paid or volunteer. Course credit is not available. Paid or unpaid, a research assistant is a formal relationship with responsibilities for both the faculty and the student. See more information specific for faculty mentors and student research assistants.

Funding for paid positions is available through individual faculty. Students must contact faculty to arrange a position.

Funding sources for Research Assistants during the academic year:

Funding sources for Research Assistants during summer:

Faculty can apply for funding through the Summer Research FundsA request for proposals goes out to faculty in February with a March deadline.

See the summer research program faculty information for more specific details about summer research assistants.