Setting Up Summer Research Assistant Positions

If you are having a student summer research assistant (SRA) or requesting a volunteer (any research assistant not paid through Middlebury College) this summer, the position must be approved by Undergraduate Research. Please read the following information carefully. If you have any questions or need clarification, don't hesitate to contact us at

Important Note: 
SRA students do not have enrolled status during the summer therefore they do not have blanket housing, dining, or access privileges similar to the academic year and need approval. No student should be in a non-public facility, such as a research lab, who is not registered in some capacity.

For summer 2017: most students will receive a stipend payment through SEO payroll. On-campus housing and dining will be available (with some limits on dates and availability) and students will still be responsible for those charges.

Steps to Setup a Summer Research Assistant

1. Read the Summer Research Assistant Policies, which must be followed to have the position qualify.

2. Begin to identify your funding options by February. One is to apply to URO Summer Research Funds; applications will be due the first week of March 2018. If you submit a proposal for URO funding you still need to complete the SRA form to confirm the correct information for the actual student placed in the position and the dates.

3. Have your students fill out the Summer Student Employment and Housing Contract or a Volunteer Form from SEO.The contract is due to SEO by April 19.

4.  Fill out the online Summer Research Assistant Form at go/sra as completely as possible. It is due by April 19 for students needing on-campus housing. This form is required regardless of the source of funding. It will go to URO for approval and then be forwarded to SEO. Before filling out the form please read the below instructions.

A) Include a title of the research project, a description is not necessary--if we are not familiar with the project or need additional information, we will contact you.

B) Include a funding source or indicate if it is undetermined or the position is volunteer (assistant not paid through Middlebury College).
  • If you anticipate hiring an assistant but won't have confirmation of the grant (or the student) at that point in time, please submit the SRA and SEO's summer employment contract by the deadline anyway--no contracts will be accepted for housing after the deadline.

  • Students doing collaborative research with Middlebury College faculty who are not compensated via a Middlebury College budget (external grant or college funding) are considered to be Middlebury College volunteers, even if they are receiving stipends directly from a grant or other source not administered by the College and must complete a volunteer form that is signed by their faculty mentor and will be considered for on-campus housing on a case-by-case basis.
C) Fill out the number of hours per week (estimated), number of weeks, maximum amount to be paid and start/end dates

Stipend Guidelines
Research positions are considered training and paid through stipends. Because the nature of some research necessitates extended and/or unusual hours, mentored faculty-student collaborative research positions will need to clearly communicate expectations and monitor hours appropriately.
The 2018 rate is TBA. For 2017 the rate is $430 per a 40-hour week equivalent or $10.75 per hour. 

Summer volunteers without external funding are strongly discouraged. Undergraduate Research needs to be contacted for volunteer approval prior to any agreements with students or other institutions. Especially in a lab environment where other students are receiving stipends.

Campus Housing Guidelines
SRAs are eligible for low-cost on-campus housing and/or board plan, which will be charged to their student bill. Students are responsible for paying their room and board costs. Positions that are funded by college funds are not eligible for room and/or board supplements. External grant funds may not be used to cover room and/or board unless the grant was specifically budgeted that way and the request reviewed by the Grants Office.

Research assistants will be housed according to the dates on the SRA form. Any research assistant living on campus will have a mandatory per week fee for the meal plan (2017 rate $70) in addition to the weekly housing cost (2017 rate $80). In addition:
  • Students must have a 30 hour per week minimum to be eligible for campus housing. Students with only 20 hours per week in a research position must add another on campus job of at least 10 hours per week to be eligible for housing.

  • Please indicate if there are any extended breaks such as vacations. Students may be required to vacate their room if the gap is greater than 2 weeks.

  • Housing charges are weekly (Sun-Sat) and may extend beyond actual start and end dates. Monday start dates and Friday end dates are recommended (except for the first week of summer employment which generally falls on a Wednesday). Students are given one day prior to starting and one day post ending to move.

  • Research Assistants are exempt from needing a housing extension approval for dates before or after the summer housing session only if the dates are included on their submitted housing contract in April with two caveats:
    • Students in spring housing that wish to remain in their room must have a start date of 5/24/17.
    • Students wanting campus housing after 8/23/17 need to have a fall room assignment.

See the Student Employment Office (SEO) summer info for more details about working and living on campus in the summer

Additional resources for positions with travel are the Global Committee's page traveling with or sponsoring students abroad and Middlebury's handbook travel policies. Note students are not eligible for travel advances. They can be paid a very modest per diem or the faculty supervisor can request the advance.