Summer Research Program Faculty Information

Middlebury supports a Summer Research Program each year with over 130 research assistants working with faculty across disciplines. 

URO funds are typically able to support faculty applications for 1-2 research assistants. The summer research assistant funding application is due the first week of March. Note: Faculty with other sources of funding (e.g. external grants, start-up funds, endowed chair funds) are expected to use these funds first to support SRA positions before applying for URO funds. URO funds are typically used to assist faculty without other sources of funding or in some cases, to augment external sources of funding for SRAs.

All summer research assistant (SRA) positions (regardless of funding source) need to follow the summer policies and be approved by Undergraduate Research by submitting an SRA form. If a position does not fit the policies, the student may still be able to be hired through student employment as an employee.

See the summer schedule of activities and setting up an SRA for specific details.