COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Summer Research Assistant Policies

All mentored student-faculty collaborative summer research projects: whether positions are grant funded, funded through the academic administration, academic departments, or other college offices, or externally (volunteer), must receive approval from Undergraduate Research. Please contact us with questions at

These positions meet the following criteria:

  • An intensive and well-defined research experience (at least 20 hours per week)
  • A meaningful collaborative effort with a faculty mentor
  • Opportunities to enhance traditional academic experiences with more in-depth study and further development of research skills over a period of time

The two objectives of these positions are (1) the furthering of the research interests of the faculty mentor and (2) the educational development of the student.

These positions vary according to the nature and location of the work involved.  Some may be maintained entirely on-campus; others may involve fieldwork or take place entirely off-campus. Projects that take place off-campus may be funded based on travel and research expenses, depending on the project and budget.

Independent student research or student research that is conducted under the supervision of non-Middlebury faculty are not eligible for SRA funding. Other college funds (including some URO and CCI funds), however, may be possible to support expenses associated with the research activity.

See Setting Up Summer Research Assistant Positions for specific details on finding funding, setting up a position, and the approval process.

For more information, email