Student Academic Conference Travel Fund

Fund Description: This fund helps students with the cost of presenting papers, participating on panels, or otherwise taking an active part in the program at academic conferences and symposia. Applications for students with a strong academic studies justification for attending a conference are also accepted.

"My experience at RoME Six... verified my suspicions that questions about environmental ethics and intergenerational justice contain some of the most compelling questions still to be asked and answered within the philosophical community, and I'm growing increasingly confident that these questions are precisely the kind that my thesis will wrestle with once I begin senior research this J-Term." 
-- Julian Macrone, Class of 2014, Philosophy Major


Application Deadline: 30 days prior to the conference. Please note:

  • Applications are not considered until faculty statement of support is received.
  • Students traveling to the same conference are expected to apply as a group and coordinate travel when possible to reduce costs.

Please email the two items below to for review. If you have any questions please contact Undergraduate Research.  

  2. Statement of Faculty Support A one paragraph statement of support from your sponsoring faculty member of why and how they will support this proposal.

The maximum amount of support available from this fund to a single student is $1,000 per academic year. Students presenting papers or actively participating in a conference program are eligible for grants of up to the maximum amount of $1,000. Students who wish to attend a conference, but not participate on the program, may receive grants of up to $350.

Airline and train tickets may be charged directly to the fund through Accent Travel. Otherwise students must submit receipts for reimbursement within 2 weeks of returning from the trip.

If the proposal is approved, the below summary needs to be submitted within 2 weeks of returning. Please note that no reimbursements can be approved without proper documentation.

Note: URO's mileage reimbursement rate is consistent with Student Activities (14-15 $.35 per mile)


Examples of conferences students supported by ATF have presented at:

Annual Meeting of the International Academy of Linguistics, Behavioral, and Social Sciences,

Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience

American-Caucasus Conference

Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting

CAFE- Cuban Americans Delegation to DC

American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America

National American Psychological Association Convention

NE Society for Ethnomusicology Meeting

SUNY Oneonta Philosophy Conference

Third Coast International Audio Festival

West Point’s Student Conference on US Affairs (SCUSA)