COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Hoskin Research Fund

Expense Amount: Up to $3,000 (Oct. 1, Jan 26 or April 15 deadline; reviewed with SRPS applications)

Overview: The Galen Hoskin '87 Family Fund is designed to support advanced, in country research in areas of the world that are either developing as nations, or where conditions are experiencing rapid societal, political or other fundamental change. Expenses are reimbursed and must occur after your application is approved.

Selection: Eligible projects need to meet country criteria and represent a capstone project such as a senior thesis or senior project. Funding will be awarded on the basis of the quality of the application and the availability of funds.

To Apply: Submit an SRPS application and indicate you would like to be considered for the Hoskin Fund. To be considered you need to include an additional paragraph explaining how your target research country fits the country definition in the overview. In the budget please list full project expenses as the cap may be flexible depending on availability of funds.

Reimbursement: please refer to the SRPS guidelines for the reimbursement process.