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Kellogg Fellowship

Purpose: To provide highly motivated students engaging in areas of humanistic study with research support for senior work related to their major program of study. Fellowship may be used for summer research support and funds for travel and research expenses incurred during the academic semesters.

Eligibility: Middlebury juniors, junior and senior Febs who meet their departmental requirements for independent senior work and will pursue that work during the following summer and academic year (one or more semesters) are eligible to apply. Proposed projects must "engage in philosophical inquiry in the humanities and areas of humanistic study, broadly defined, including but not limited to philosophy, religion, classics, history, history of art and architecture, film and media culture studies, languages, American studies, and English and American literatures."

Application and Selection: Applications for the Kellogg fellowship will be due in the spring semester, the deadline to be determined annually by the undergraduate research office. A selection committee, composed of the dean for faculty research and development, the associate dean for fellowships and research, and faculty members drawn from different disciplines, will review applications, interview applicants, and select fellows. To apply, students must submit the online application linked below.

Online Kellogg Application

Key Online Application Components

  • a project proposal, which includes research questions and how the project engages in humanistic inquiry (1500 words or less)
  • an explanation of your preparation for the proposed project (e.g. courses, past research, specific skills) (750 words or less)
  • an explanation of how the work will provide an important capstone experience for your undergraduate career (750 words or less)
  • preliminary research plan, including a list of activities and materials involved in the research and anticipated costs (file upload) 
  • advising transcript and current resume (file upload) 
  • names of two faculty who are providing statements of support: (1) your project advisor and (2) a Middlebury faculty member who has taught you or supervised you in a research capacity
  • name of the department chair who is confirming the project meets the requirements for senior work in your major

Application Deadline: Application materials must be submitted by March 4, 2020. Faculty support statements are due by March 6. Students will be notified by mid-April.

Faculty and Chair Statements: When you submit your application, an email reminder and a copy of your application are emailed to the faculty. Applicants should have notified faculty well in advance and discussed their application with them, so that they are able to provide their statements or confirmation by the deadline--one day after the application deadline.

The two support statements (less than 750 words each) explain how the student's academic work has prepared them for this project and the merits of both the student and project as a capstone experience. The chair confirmation need only be a sentence or two. Please email them directly to

Fellows Award: Kellogg fellows will receive $5,000 to support summer research and any research expenses (e.g. travel, conference or workshop participation, and equipment required for the project) incurred during the summer or academic semesters. Research support will begin during the summer and extend through one or two semesters, depending on the fellow’s senior work plan. The funds will be dispersed at the beginning of the summer. We expect project expenses will vary but total award amount will be $5000.

Faculty Advisor: Advisors to Kellogg fellows will receive $1,000 in support of their own research.

Fellow Requirements: Fellows will enroll in the appropriate senior work courses for their major during their senior year (500 or 700 level courses). Work produced with the support of the Kellogg fellowship will be submitted for the fellows’ senior work. Fellows will give at least one presentation about their work at a campus event (e.g. department presentations, spring student symposium) and are encouraged to also present their work at relevant professional and undergraduate conferences. Fellows enrolled in the spring semester are expected to present in the Spring Student Symposium.

Notes: Kellogg fellows should expect to use their fellowship monies to support conference travel and senior work-related expenses incurred during their senior year, rather than the SRPS and Academic Travel Fund. Fellows remain eligible to apply for relevant departmental funds for additional funding, if available in their department. A portion of the award may be taxable income depending on documented research expenses.

Questions? Please contact Lisa Gates or Colleen Norden at

Current Kellogg Fellows