Senior Research Project Supplement

Expense Amount: Up to $1600 (Jan. 27, Apr. 15 or Oct. 1 deadlines) and up to $350 throughout the academic year as funding permits. Applications eligible for the Hoskin Fund (up to $3,000) will also be reviewed at the three above deadlines.

Overview: SRPS is designed to support expenses associated with senior research project expenses in 500 or 700 level courses.  For 2015-16 maximum reimbursement is $1600; however the average expense request is about $600. Expenses are reimbursed (see the approved expense types below) and must occur after your application is approved. If you are a Feb and have a two semester project beginning in the spring semester with project needs above $350 please contact URO.

Selection: Funding will be awarded on the basis of the quality of the application and the availability of funds. Preference will be given to students who do not have access to funds in their major departments. Please note: you may receive only one award from the SRPS. If you have multiple senior work projects you must choose one. Students who will have senior status during their project dates may apply. If you have questions about if your eligibility please contact us. Students must have a letter of support from the faculty advisor for the project and be enrolled in the appropriate independent study and/or thesis course during the relevant semester(s) of work.

If your research involves human subjects, such as interviewing or testing, it must be approved by the Institutional Review Board: go/irb

Funding notification will be emailed by mid-October, early February or early May. Otherwise, rolling applications are reviewed each Monday.

Reimbursement: Reimbursements for expenses incurred require receipts and a completed reimbursement summary form. This form should be checked and signed by your adviser or the departmental coordinator, and submitted to the URO. You will only be reimbursed for activities that were approved in your SRPS application. Note that awards may be considered taxable income (see tax info).

Materials can often be ordered directly through your department coordinator and travel can be arranged through Accent Travel.


The deadline for submitting reimbursements for projects in academic year 15-16 is May 20, 2016. 

Approved SRPS Expenses:

Note: Generally funding will be limited for applications with one large expense ($1600 for airfare or a piece of equipment for example).

Supplies- needed to conduct research. Some equipment purchased shall remain the property of Middlebury College for future use by other students.

Travel to conduct interviews, fieldwork, or research- save all travel related receipts and keep track of all mileage (15-16 $.36 per mile).

Compensation of research subjects- compensation as a gift certificate from a College facility such as the Grille or the College Store is preferred.  However, arrangements can be made to pay small cash stipends (up to $10 each) with the appropriate documentation.

Photocopying of research materials (not thesis proposals or completed theses)- a receipt must accompany reimbursement requests for photocopy expenses. 

Please note that requests to purchase computer programs, technological resources, books or media need to be checked with the Library to see if the college doesn't already own or is willing to purchase for general use. All non-consumable resources will remain property of the college and need to be turned in to URO at the completion of your project.

Because they are limited, these funds are intended to support the conducting of research, rather than the presentation of research results. Students looking for funding to attend an academic conference should apply to the Academic Conference Travel Fund.

Please contact URO if you have reimbursement needs that are not listed above.