Summer Funds (URO, DLA, UCRF)

URO and the Dean for Faculty Development and Research oversee several sources of support for summer research assistants. Applications for funding must be made by the faculty member with whom the student would be working.

Positions need to follow the Summer Research Assistant Policies. The following is a detailed list of available funds. On the new online application you will only need to choose the broad funding category and not specific funds.

PDF icon2017summerfunds.pdf

Funds have a maximum grant amount of $5,300. The Digital Liberal Arts (DLA) and Undergraduate Collaborative Research Fund (UCRF) normally only fund stipends with a cap of $4,300 but travel or other expenses may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and requests should be included in the application.

These funds are intended to promote faculty development and support student research opportunities. We allocate funding based on the following guidelines:

  1. How well the project and/or student meet the criteria established for the fund
  2. Whether the faculty member already has external funding (lower ranking if yes)
  3. The merits of the proposed project
  4. Faculty in regular appointments have priority, with untenured faculty considered first
  5. Normally any one faculty will be funded up to 2 positions, additional positions may be considered depending on total applications. Faculty should note order of prioritizing for funding.

To apply, faculty members must submit the online application for each project. The deadline is March 6, 2017.

The 2017 student research assistant rate is $430 per week for 40 hours (with a $10/wk increase to students returning) or $10.75 per hour.

Review will be completed by late March. Notices are targeted to be sent out the Friday before break.

Also see Setting Up Summer Research Assistant Positions