Hiring Summer Research Assistants

Funding Opportunities

Research Assistants

If you are hiring a student research assistant or having a volunteer (assistant not paid through Middlebury College) this summer, please follow the below three steps:

1. Read the Research Assistant PoliciesResearch Assistant Policies which must be followed to have the position qualify.

2. Identify funding by February. One option is to apply to the URO Summer Research Funds.
3.  By April 14, 2014 fill out the online Summer Research Assistant Form at go/sra as completely as possible. This form is required regardless of the source of funding. It will go to URO for approval and then be forwarded to SEO.
  • Include a title of the research project, though a description is not necessary--if we are not familiar with the project or need additional information, we will contact you.
  • Include a funding source* or indicate if it is undetermined or the position is volunteer (assistant not paid through Middlebury College)
  • Check the appropriate stipend rate. If the student you are hiring is working less than 1/2 time, calculate the estimated number of hours at $10.25 per hour to get the weekly stipend amount.  Please indicate the weekly amount on the form.
  • Fill out the number of weeks of stipend rate, total amount and dates employed. Please indicate if there are any gaps in employment that cause discrepancies.

3. Fill out the Summer Student Employment and Housing Contract or a Volunteer Form from SEO.The Contract is due to the SEO by April 18, 2014.

See the Student Employment Office (SEO) summer info for more details. Please read the information closely as changes may occur from year to year.

*If you anticipate hiring an assistant but won't have confirmation of the grant (or the student) at that point in time, please submit a summer employment contract by the deadline anyway--no contracts will be accepted for housing after the deadline.

Research Assistants are exempt from needing a housing extension approval for dates before or after the summer housing session (May 27-Aug 16, 2014) only if the dates are included on their submitted housing contract in April.