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Research Assistant Information

Research assistants (RAs) work with faculty mentors year-round, in disciplines throughout the Middlebury campus. Paid, credit-bearing or volunteer positions, provide an enhanced, hands-on component to their undergraduate academics.

The extended mentoring relationship and project timelines possible through RA positions create a unique opportunity on campus. Many students begin as RAs as early as their first or sophomore years, and continue subsequent academic years, concluding by working on-campus the summer before their senior year to lay the foundation for a capstone or senior work project.

Research assistant positions are generally restricted to enrolled or continuing Middlebury undergraduates.

If you have any questions or issues about a RA position or faculty-mentored research relationship you can request a confidential appointment with Dean Lisa Gates at or email Also see Tips for a Positive RA Experience.

Academic Year RAs

During the academic year, paid RAs are limited to working 20 hours a week. Positions can be found by contacting a faculty mentor directly, through your department, or listings by the Student Employment Office (SEO). See SEO's website for more information. 

Summer RAs

Each summer over 130 students spend the summer at Middlebury doing research in a faculty-mentored position. 

A Summer Research Assistant is a position with a faculty member that conforms to the Research Assistant Policies. The 2020 stipend rate is $480 per week for a 40-hour equivalent ($12 per hr). 

Many additional students find paid or unpaid research positions at other institutions such as colleges, or governmental or private agencies. URO maintains a select list of external summer research opportunities.

Students interested in being an on-campus summer research assistant need to contact a potential faculty mentor before March.

Faculty who do not have funding already available (through a grant or other Middlebury funds) can apply for up to 10 weeks of stipend plus supplies or travel to support an SRA but the deadline is the first week of March. Details are under the faculty resources.

On-campus housing and dining are available, for most weeks of the summer session, to all SRAs who submit the following paperwork by the April deadline: Faculty mentors need to submit the online SRA form for approval which includes the dates of housing and dining, SRAs need to submit SEO's summer employment and housing agreement.

Housing and dining fees are billed on a weekly basis (2019 rates were $80 per week for housing with an additional cost for an optional dining plan). See SEO's summer info for more details.

While the Middlebury campus is a beautiful place to be in the summer, be aware that campus is primarily utilized by the language school programs. Many undergraduate college faculty, staff, programs and amenities available during the academic year are unavailable or closed during the summer. This includes most of the student life support services, such as the Parton Health Center. SRAs do not have enrolled student status during the summer and may also find building access and other privileges restricted.

See more information about the on-campus summer research program.

Training and Safety

Due to the variability of positions by department and discipline, faculty mentors are primarily responsible for ensuring you have the appropriate training to perform the tasks associated with an RA position properly and safely.

Certain positions, particularly in the sciences or work involving human subjects, may need to complete in-person and/or online ethics and safety training.