COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

COVID-19 Update

Travel Suspension: As of 3/10/20 all college supported travel is suspended.  No travel may be booked or expenses incurred during the travel ban. Current funding recipients must cancel travel plans during this ban.

General Information for Funding Recipients


Most URO award payments, excluding the Kellogg fellows, are through reimbursement or direct charge of expenses. Check your award letter or the specific funding info page for additional details and a reimbursement form to submit.

When conducting research supported by URO you are a representative of Middlebury College and should act accordingly. You are also expected to properly steward your award which includes: spending appropriately (no personal items or alcohol) and accurately reporting expenses (including itemized original receipts).

Items are generally reimbursed as outlined in your budget. Changes will be reviewed as needed. Any expenses deemed excessively high or unnecessary may be refused for reimbursement. 

Expenses can be submitted to an agent of Middlebury College only once. If you receive additional funding for a project you must update all sources on the amounts and covered expenses.


During your project: Keep a log of your activities and expenses, including any travel, mileage, and original receipts (see additional info on tracking your expenses below).

After you project: Complete the summary form by tallying your expenses, answering the questions and attaching any relevant receipts. If you have large pre-travel expenses (airfare, conference registration) you can submit once before you travel and once after.

Reimbursements take 2-3 weeks to process. Seniors, if you are graduating and closing a bank account please plan accordingly.

To receive direct deposit for a payment: In BannerWeb, you need to have selected an account for payments in addition to the one for payroll. To see your options select “Update Direct Deposit Allocation” and scroll down below payroll allocations to “Accounts Payable Reimbursement/Student Refund” in BannerWeb. 

Direct Charges: Some items may be direct charged to the college. For example, supplies may be ordered through a department or direct charged at a vendor in town. Travel may be direct charged through Accent or Milne Travel in town or by using a departmental card. See more specific information under Equipment and Supplies or Travel.

Tracking Funding

To submit a funding application budget, you can use the URO Budget Template.

For human subject payments use Middlebury's Research Participant and Gift Log

If you’ll be traveling in an area with smart phone access, then Expensify is a helpful tool for creating a log. It has a free individual app that allows you to categorize expenses, add notes and take photos of receipts, so at the end of your project you can readily export a report.

Tax Information

Currently all URO awards may be considered financial aid or taxable income.

For awards not processed through student employment as wages:

  • US citizens, funding amounts will likely be reported on your 1098T.
  • Non-US citizens need to contact Middlebury's Tax Office if they do not know their particular circumstances. Depending on the status of a Non-US citizen's paperwork and country of residence, taxes up to 14% may be withheld when the reimbursent is processed.

The impact these awards may have on an individual's annual tax returns varies. Contact the tax office for further clarification.

Generally, the following expense-based reimbursements for students will not be subject to reporting or withholdings:

  • Activity required to complete a credit-bearing course (senior research project funding)
  • Presenting research as a representative of the college (academic travel funding for presenters)
  • Supplies or travel associated with a research assistant position